40% Off! Winter Progressive Sale Begins!

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Crush Winter Progressive Sale
Today: 40% Off
50% Off Tomorrow
Wait, and you might save more, or you could lose out.

By now, many of you are Progressive Sale Pros. You know the game; you know the risks and rewards.

This much is clear: This is a SERIOUS opportunity to save some real money on the greatest wines in the world.

As always, we ask everyone to please read *all* the details below. The Progressive Sale moves quickly!

For those of you new to the Progressive Sale, prepare yourself because today we've taken over 60 wines and discounted each and every one by 40%!

The sale is based on the "Dutch Auction" idea - as time goes on, the prices get sharper. Today, 40% off - tomorrow, the remaining bottles will be marked down by 50%.

The choice is yours - you can buy today or wait until tomorrow when we'll discount all the unsold bottles an additional 10%. So, choose to wait a day and you might save another 10%... though if someone else buys the remaining stock at the current discounted price, you miss out. There's the rub.

A concrete example? Drouhin's 2010 Beaune Clos des Mouches is today already 40% off, marked down from $119.95 to $71.97. Tomorrow, if by chance a bottle survives, it'll be a free-for-all at $59.98!

The fun starts... NOW. Click here to see the real-time availability of the wines (they move quickly!) And keep in mind that the fastest way to secure your wine is to shop on the web - click here to start shopping.

Obviously, there are some IMPORTANT DETAILS! Please, please read everything below.

Happy hunting,

Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

The Progressive Sale "Fine Print"

- The best and fastest way to order wine is through our website using your account. This instantly captures the inventory for you. If you have never logged on to our website to place an order online, please call the store to verify your online account.

- The 2nd fastest way to order is to call the store at (212) 980-9463 - this way you lock up your wine while speaking to a sales person.

- The slowest way to order is to reply to this email! Even with multiple people working the inbox, we just can't respond as quickly as the emails come in. For this reason, ON TUESDAY, THE FINAL DAY OF THE SALE, WE WILL NOT BE CHECKING THE EMAIL BOX. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ON OUR WEBSITE OR BY PHONE!

- ON TUESDAY YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE: WE WILL NOT BE CHECKING THE EMAIL BOX!!! (Just thought we'd write that twice, as it's very important!)

- Prices will change at approximately noon on Tuesday - you will see the prices change online long before you get the email. Please note that when you are shopping online, you cannot "reserve" wines before the prices change by putting items in your cart! We had a number of cases last year where people put wines in their shopping carts at one price, then finished the transaction after the prices had changed. This does not work! When a wine is put in your shopping cart, the price does not change! No refunds in these cases - please create your orders only after the prices have changed!

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Absolutely no exceptions. If a wine is available the next day at a lower price, you may buy more of the wine at the discounted price, but you may not reverse a sale or have a preexisting sale refunded. Due to the nature of the sale and the limited quantities of the wines available, discounts are not retroactive.

- Obviously, sale pricing applies only to those wines included in the sale.

- This is a first come, first served sale - you may, if you like, purchase every last bottle at the day's discounted price, but we absolutely cannot "hold" anything for anyone. No exceptions!

- Finally, due to the sheer volume of wine involved in this sale, NO Progressive Sale wine will be available for pickup or delivery until Thursday, February 14th!

That's it. Pretty good, right? Save some money, buy some great wines at great prices, and have fun! To place your order, again, please remember that the fastest and most efficient way to do so is to shop on our website.

Click here to see the full lineup and start shopping!