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1959 Winzergenossenschaft Hallgarten Riesling Hallgartener Jungfer TBA

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Rheingau

Item No. 6u707

About This Wine

Technically, a "jungfernwein" is used to refer to the the first harvest from a new planting, but in this case well Jungfer is actually just the name of the einzellage. The village of Hallgarten itself sits high up on the hill and the Jungfer sits fairly close to the Steinberger, with which it shares soil character. The respected writer and merchant S.F. Hallgarten hails from the Rheingau and his family takes its name from the village, so he understandably spends some time talking up its virtues. While this is produced by the village's cooperative, this was before the age of industrial farming and winemaking. Hallgarten points out that "the growers who live there are born and brought up in the wine tradition and produce the racy and distinguised wines that prove an attraction on any wine list." In Hocks & Moselles, Rudd says of the 1921s, "Of all the wines of that famous vintage, I give pride of place to one or two I have drunk from Hallgarten, which were the acme of perfection...not overly sweet, always the choicest, full of the most glorious flavour and sheer quality." 1959 is, of course, along with 1921, seen as one of the greatest vintages of the twentieth century. This could be a life-changing wine.

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