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1969 Van Volxem Riesling Scharzhofberger feine Auslese (low fill)

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Distict / Appellation: Mosel

Item No. 6u400

About This Wine

This estate originally belonged to a group of Jesuits from Luxembourg; only later was it bought by the Van Volxem family. The original Van Volxem estate (15 hectares) split in the mid-20th century into two houses, led by Bernd and Otto Van Volxem. Bernd's estate (after many twists and turns) became the Van Volxem we know today. The wines in this collection were from Otto's cellar and the entire estate was eventually sold to Gunter Reh in the 1970s who folded the property into von Kesselstatt. Schoonmaker recommends Van Volxem in the first edition then the later, Sichel's revision of Schoonmaker's text praises Otto's 6 hectares. Information on Otto's style is difficult to come by, but Ian Jamieson helpfully describes Bernd's style, which may be of some use: "Vines are 80% Riesling and some are over 100 years old. The style of the wines stresses acidity and fruitiness. Many of the wines are sprtzig, 50% is trocken." Either way, here we have perhaps the best vintage of the 1960s from one of the greatest sites in Germany. Everything looks pretty good about this bottle, though the cork may be protruding a bit and the fill is a shade lower than I'd like. Because of these reasons, we are discounting the bottle.

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