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1971 Dr. Thanisch Riesling Doctor Auslese-Eiswein Gold Capsule

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Distict / Appellation: Mosel

Item No. 6u683

About This Wine

Dr. Thanisch is one of the iconic estates of the middle Mosel with, most famously, very famous holdings in one of Europe's most famous vineyards, the Doctor. Note that until the 1980s, any Eiswein (which is to say a wine made from grapes naturally frozen on the vine) had to include the related Pradikat. The question was, essentially, were the grapes frozen at the Spatlese, Auslese or even Beerenauslese level? This wine, therefore, was at the Auslese level when the grapes were frozen; in other words, this is a powerful Eiswein. As per the bottle condition: It has a slightly corroded capsule though no obvious leakage - in fact the color and fill are very good. We were told this was an auction bottling, and while we can't verify that, it is for sure a Gold Capsule (GK) bottling. This has the potential to be a simply epic Moselle.

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