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1971 Heyl zu Herrnsheim, Freiherr Niesteiner Heiligenbaum Traminer Auslese

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Rheinhessen

Item No. 6u092

About This Wine

Another estate that, like Schloss Eltz, borders on the mythic for insiders. Peter von Weymarn's run at the estate lasted from 1969 to 1994 and is truly the stuff of legend. Similar to HaJo Becker, upon taking over the estate in 1969 he shocked his team and customers by introducing dry wines. His intense, long-lived wines were an inspiration to a generation of younger growers that took the novel idea of dry wines in the Rheinhessen, the land of syrupy Liebfraumilch, and ran with it. Wymarn was lso a pioneer of organic viticulture in the region. Spitzenweinguter says the wines are "distinctive, juicy, steely Rieslings made mostly in wooden casks. An estate that belongs in the absolute elite in the Rheinhessen." Von Weymarn sold the estate in 1994 and it sold again in 2008 to a rich textile merchant that merged the property with Weingut St. Antony; quality has unfortunately not been the same since the giften Weymarn moved on. This bottle has the most beautiful capsule I've ever seen and should be sold for 10x the price just as an aesthetic work of art. I hope this wine does not sell and I can just hold it once again. Note this is not a Riesling; it is a Traminer.

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