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1971 Reh, Franz and Sohn Riesling Brauneberger Juffer Auslese

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Distict / Appellation: Mosel

Item No. 6u045

About This Wine

The three bottles on offer have good to very good fills and a great clear and light color. Their neutral capsules at some point were lovingly waxed. The labels are lightly stained and have minor rips but are legible. The Rehs were, and continue to be, important merchants with a long history in the Mosel. Given their prominence through the mid- and later-20th century, it is no surprise that their wines are well represented in this collection - including their "prestige" estates Josefinengrund and Marienhof. Brothers Carl and Franz Reh of Leiwen each started wine merchants in 1920. Herbert Reh, the son of Franz, sold his father's company to his uncle Carl sometime after 1970. Gunther Reh, Carl's son, took over the company (now just called "Carl Reh") in the 1960s and also purchased the famous Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt estate, with their many important holdings, in 1978. His daughter, Annegret-Reh Gartner was put in charge of the Kesselstatt estate. In 1992 Reh purchased the shipper and bottler Kendermann, a very important importer/shipper of the mid- and later-20th century. At one point, Kendermann was the exclusive importer/shipper for the J.J. Prum estate. This purchase formed the new company, Reh-Kendermann, which is today the largest privately held wine producer in Germany. It's impossible to really know how many hectares they managed or how many additional growers they may have purchased fruit from. While we do know the Josefinengrund and Marienhof estates were considered their prestige wines, it's hard to know exactly what this meant in terms of farming and winemaking. That said, we have opened a few wines from both these estates and they are lovely little snapshots of the 1970s.

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