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1975 Friedrich, Aloys Riesling Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese (lower fill)

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Distict / Appellation: Mosel

Item No. 6u047

About This Wine

These bottles are from a solid case; we kept two of them to drink. One was a touch oxidated and, while not horrible, also not as bright and fresh as it should have been. The second was lovely, perhaps rounder and more ripe than you'd expect, but the vintage and vineyard are great. The fills vary a bit, so we have divided them into normal and "low fill." We have had great wines with very low fills, and horrible wines with perfect fills - this is always a bit of a game of chance. Still, we are pricing the lower fills at a discount. While the colors look good, the labels are badly stained, though it appears this staining was from something external, and not seepage of the wines themselves. As for Herr Aloys Friedrich, there is very little to be found about him. It looks like he was simply a humble Winzer in Wehlen whose wines have ever so rarely appeared on the secondary market - which is all the more endearing to us. Random note: He also sat for a while in the mid-70s on the Bernkastel City Council as a member of the SPD, so that's interesting.

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