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1976 Baum, Franz Brauneberger Juffer Auslese

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

Distict / Appellation: Mosel

Item No. 6u055

About This Wine

It's really very hard to find anything on our friend here Franz Baum, but it does appear that as recently as 2015 he was a commissioner for the Trier VDP Auction and did the same for the Bernkasteler Ring auction as far back as 1989. It is likely that he never exported, that he was one of the many who probably only ever sold from the cellar door to a more local audience. We have very little idea what these will be like, though of course 1976 is a famous, luxurious vintage, 1975 is a more cut and classic vintage and the Juffer is Mosel royalty so it's looking good for Franz. At the more spiritual level, we are thrilled to have a piece of this unknown history, bottles that likely show a more personal, humble and human side of the Mosel.

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