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2015 Chateau d'Yquem 375 ml

375 ml


Type: Still

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Distict / Appellation: Sauternes

Item No. 6t335

About This Wine

There is nothing like Yquem. Simply put, it has no peers. The 2015 is poised to join 1990 and 1997 as a showcase of just how epic riper vintages of Yquem can be.

Yquem was the sole Sauternes classified as a First Great Growth in the original classification of 1855. It remains the sole Premier Cru Supérieur in Sauternes. Curnonsky, the famous 20th century Parisian "Prince of Gastronomes" included Yquem (along with Montrachet) among "the five great white wines of France.” Yquem delivers an aristocratic, dizzying complexity. It's jam-packed with nuance and an almost overwhelming impact. The breadth and depth of Yquem is insane. The 2015 has a noble grandeur with a profound depth. There are incredibly clear honey notes which are further animated by citrus and floral top notes. The life span of Yquem is as shocking as the wine itself. There’s an abundance of stories of Yquems that have seen their 100th birthday. The 2015 has every indication of aging beautifully.

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