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2016 Collin, Ulysse Blanc de Blancs Les Pierrieres Extra Brut (48 months)

750 ml


Type: Sparkling

Country: France

Region: Champagne

Item No. 6v338

About This Wine

Ulysse Collin is famed for producing Champagnes of epic scale and riveting minerality. Pierrières may be the ideal place to witness Collin's unique style. Its unusual terroir lends a pronounced chalkiness and a lovely, racy finesse to the wine.

Collin recently began to release Champagnes with extended lees aging, like the Les Pierrières 48 Months on offer today. The entire lineup is brilliant, but the extended lees aging is simply on another level. Pierrières is a 1.2 ha vineyard located in the village of Vert-Toulon. In Pierrières, the chalk in the vineyard is extremely close to the surface and mixed with black silex. Of Ulysse Collin's lineup, Les Pierrières offers the most precise, penetrating minerality and lifted elegance.

The 2016 base of Pierrières is incisive, powerful, and complex. It covers an incredibly wide range, from layers of citrus to stone fruits, stony minerality, smoke, and herbs. There's an amazing radiant expansiveness to the wine. Collin's Pierrières is simply one of the singular and profound wines of Champagne. We've been fans of the wines for well over a decade, and they improve with each vintage. This very well may be the most exciting domain in Champagne. Don't miss this.

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