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2019 Capriades Pet-Sec Blanc

750 ml


Type: Sparkling

Country: France

Region: Loire

Item No. 47530

About This Wine

Les Capriades is the king of pét-nat.

Pét-Nat is almost their sole focus. When you taste Capriades, it's very difficult not to be impressed by their meticulousness and skill. When it comes to pét-nat, Capriades is simply way ahead of the pack.

Pétillant nature (or pét-nat) is a way of making sparkling wines by putting wine that hasn't completed fermentation into a bottle. As the wine continues to ferment, bubbles develop. It's a style of wine that has become very popular. It's also a style that's really challenging to get right. Judging sweetness and getting the right amount of bubbles is difficult.

The Pet-Sec is Les Capriades' driest bottling and is based on Chenin Blanc, with a very tiny portion of Cabernet Franc added. It has an electric cut. Pet-Sec's punchy focus makes it our favorite of Capriades' lineup. The fierce tension, precision, and balance make it really compelling.

Les Capriades buys organically grown grapes from friends in the village of Faverolles. They harvest the grapes themselves, putting them through a ruthless selection process. The soils in Faverolles are silex and clay over limestone. You can feel a tightly woven minerality coursing through all of their pét-nats.

These are joyful and exciting wines. People have certainly taken notice.

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