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2019 Muller-Ruprecht Riesling Trocken

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Pfalz

Item No. 15848

About This Wine

So here's a loaded first few lines, but I'll just cut and paste my notes on tasting the wine, with no editing because sometimes that first impression is the most honest:

"The nose is lime-zest and sorta jumps out at you – very lively and green. Has that sweet tart thing; made me think of Wei-Kü almost instinctively, which is a compliment indeed. It’s super airy and clear with a nice candy mineral edge to it, has a very fresh salty edge to it, very impressive for basic wine... honestly I think this is a very impressive wine. Curious what this costs."

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is a "basic" wine that playfully flirts with being profound. It is a rare thing, honestly, to do something, even if it's a simple thing, perfectly. Yet that's how this wine struck me. The Weiser-Künstler reference, for any good German wine dork, will be seen as mildly ludicrous. Not only am I comparing a Pfalz wine with a Mosel wine, I am comparing a Pfalz wine with one of the most delicate Mosel wines made!

But that's what this wine reminded me of; angelic, crystalline with a perfect reduction. I would drink this all day long and would buy cases of it, personally. If you like great dry Riesling that doesn't cost that much. For real, BRAVO Philipp and Sabine. Wow.

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