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2020 2-Bottle Riesling Set: Lauer + Beurer

2 Bottle Set


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    These two "dry tasting" Rieslings are SUPER FRESH - in fact you are among the first people to be offered these bottlings! They are so fresh that in fact one bottling hasn't quite arrived. It will arrive soon and we should be able to ship all orders in May.

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    We encourage all wine buyers to indulge in the full sensory experience: To purchase the Peace's Zamrock masterpiece via Vinyl Me Please, click here.

    In music, and in wine, we’re all seeking the indescribable – that rare moment of enveloping energy and unity that makes your fingernails reverberate. It’s impossible to describe, but when you’ve got it, you know it. With this vinyl and wine pairing we want to create that energy, bringing together two wildly different worlds that we believe will weave themselves into each other in a most profound way.

    2020 Lauer Riesling "Senior" - dry tasting

    If the common association with Riesling is “sweetness,” it is in fact the extremely high levels of acidity that make dry Riesling sharper than nearly any other wine. (Think Sancerre is crisp? A great dry German Riesling is like Sancerre on acid.) In the same way the fuzz guitar electrifies a track, the acidity is what shrieks through great Riesling, keeping it refreshing. Riesling can in fact have such a high level of acidity that a winemaker may choose to leave a touch of natural sugar in the wine, only to balance it, in the same way lemonade might have a hint of sugar not to make it taste sweet, but to push back against the power of the acidity. This is balance - and no one plays this fine line with more mastery than Florian Lauer in the Saar Valley. Perhaps no other bottle of wine showcases such precarious and angelic balance as does his declassified “Grand Cru” bottling “Senior.” This is a legend of a wine. It arrives in two weeks and you will get the first taste.

    2020 Beurer Riesling Estate - dry

    While his family grew grapes, Jochen Beurer lived on his bike. He eventually became the European BMX Champion and lived a strange life jumping bikes over cars and doing various stunts, all of which ended up taking a toll on his body, and his bones. And he found he missed his family’s vineyards. So he returned, the prodigal son, and decided not only to grow the grapes, but to do so following the outlines of biodynamics. And with such amazing grapes, he thought it’d be a shame to sell them, so he decided to make the wine. Thus began one of the most influential wineries in the south of Germany, just outside of Stuttgart. Here is a “simple” dry Riesling that vibrates with energy, has depth and mellow citrus and soil tones. Here is a wine that takes something known - dry Riesling - and somehow pushes the boundaries, adds curious and singular inflections, making it something utterly unique. This is the 2020, just arrived; you will get the first taste.

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