2020 Hofgut Worner Riesling Klingelberger

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Baden

Item No. 16275

About This Wine

This is it, your ticket to the wonderful and eclectic world of German wine culture and history - your first bottle of Klingelberger? Hell yes. This is 100% Riesling sourced from the steep, high-ish altitude Riesling vineyards surrounding Matthias' farm. The soil here is granite and gneiss. The fruit is direct-pressed (no skin contact) up to very high levels of pressure (5 bars), to really squeeze out all the extract, leading to an über-dense wine. The fermentation is 100% natural and the élevage is normally a mix of old barrels and stainless steel. The resulting wine is both sleek and fruity, showing a sheened glaze of fruit that never hits the "exotic" level, but can be quite expressive... and all of this is wrapped up tightly by this invigorating acidity and very gripping mineral structure. This push-pull of density and lift makes the wine have a really compelling intrigue, like a cool vineyard of Alsace being put in the Saar - something like this. A truly beautiful and singular expression of Riesling... I mean Klingelberger!

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