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2020 Simone, Chateau Palette Blanc

750 ml

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Type: Still

Country: France

Region: Provence

Distict / Appellation: Palette

Item No. 6w862

About This Wine

There's simply nothing like Simone Blanc.

Simone Blanc confounds expectations. From deep within sun-soaked Provence comes this white wine of shocking verve, aristocratic breeding, and the capacity to age for decades.

Compared to the rest of Provence, the north-facing vineyards give Simone's wines shocking poise and finesse. In trying to place the sheer singularity of Simone on a more familiar terrain, we often compare it to Hermitage Blanc and Bordeaux Blanc. They all share a regal stature.

The 2020 is a powerful and harmonious vintage. The wine is defined by density and grandeur. It is a profoundly textural and complex example of this wine. The minerality, herbs, pine resin, and various stone fruits possess an emphatically caressing depth. The signature thread of bright and noble acidity comes to the forefront in the long and classy finish.

Simone's Blanc is a wine that we constantly return to. We find its aristocratic breeding, the way it transforms with a decade plus in the cellar, and its sheer individuality endlessly compelling.

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