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2021 Beurer, Jochen Trollinger

750 ml


Type: Still

Country: Germany

Region: Wurttemberg

Item No. 16393

About This Wine

"Is this the greatest "chillable red" on planet earth? It just might be - it's at least in the top ten. "Trollinger" would be called Schiava in Italy; these are the same grape. In Germany, from an artist as focused and soulful as Jochen Beurer, it is lithe and airy, buoyant, a lovely detail of herbs, both green and floral and dried and spicy. It's like Beaujolais (when Beaujolais used to be a light wine), Sangria and maybe an Aperol spritz had an affair? Beurer's Trollinger is the beautiful child. For about 736 people in the U.S., this is a cult wine right up there with Arnoux-Lachaux and Bionic Frog. The beauty here though is that Beurer is more Clos Roche Blanche - soulful, beautiful, rustically perfect AND so damn affordable.

We talked Jochen into bottling a few magnums which was probably not a particularly smart thing to do, but we'd do it again."

--Importer's Notes

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