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10.01.2014 Current Specials: 3-Star Cider: 2013 Bordelet Poiré Granit It's impossible not to say again that there's nothing out there like Bordelet's ciders, especially the Granit. No other ciders deliver such brilliance, class and pristine complexity. 

09.30.2014 Current Specials: 2005 Bachelet Gevrey VV - Perfectionism In A Striking Vintage If I had to pick one bottling from Denis Bachelet, it would be Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes. The Gevrey VV is exceptional, in the greatest sense of the word. It's a villages-level wine that far transcends the category of basic Burgs. The quality at this level provides...

09.29.2014 Current Specials: "Stunning length... Great juice!" - 2013 Keller Hubacker GG Keller produced a stunning collection of 2013s.It's as simple as that. They are linear, mineral, finely judged and beautifully balanced.

09.29.2014 Current Specials: "Will most likely be the wine of the vintage" - 2012 Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Hommage á Jacques Perrin Few bottles from the Southern Rhône have a legacy of greatness comparable to Beaucastel's top bottling, the Hommage á Jacques Perrin.The Hommage is produced only in top vintages; the quantities produced rarely exceed a mere 500 cases. It's one of the Southern Rhône's most...

09.27.2014 Current Specials: Rarest of the Rare: Bodegas Tradición Palo Cortado Añada 1975 From the 1975 Palo Cortado, you can expect an absolutely regal, intense and explosively complex sherry. This is the sort of wine that grips your palate (and your mind) and won't let go. Out of all of Tradición's Añada releases, this is easily the most anticipated.

09.26.2014 Current Specials: An Immaculate Cellar -1961-1987: California, Bordeaux, Alsace, Jura Think of Ridge Zins from the 60s, late harvest and otherwise, 1987 Trevallon, Old Chateau Chalon, and an impressive assortment of 60s and 70s Gewurtz.  

09.25.2014 Current Specials: Simply Monumental: 2012 Bouchard Chambertin-Clos de Beze Bouchard's 2012s are simply beautiful wines. And when you hit the top of their red range with the Bèze, the glory of this noble site is on full display. There's a beautiful site specificity, harmony and deep structure. It delivers authority and grace with a pulsating minerality.

09.24.2014 Current Specials: World Premiere, Special Pricing: 2003 Krug Clos du Mesnil Clos du Mesnil's hallmarks are all boldly present. The '03 is finessed and persistent, amazingly concentrated. Lines of smoke and chalk along with whispers of baking spice and toasted nuts outline the stone fruits and citrus. 

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