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10.18.2014 Current Specials: "One of the finest Sancerres of the vintage" - 2012 Francois Cotat Monts Damnes 2012 is one of the strongest vintages in Sancerre in the past five years or more. The wines offer plenty of concentration and mid-palate punch with a brisk driving acidity and pristine mineral expression. 

10.17.2014 Current Specials: Henri Jouan: 2005-2012 The thread that connects Henri Jouan's wines is a haunting mixture of perfume and delicacy. They are all fine weaves of earth, smoke, flowers and fruit.

10.16.2014 Current Specials: "A crystalline purity...that is impossible to miss" - 2011 Lafon Volnay 1er Cru Santenots Lafon has a keen touch with Santenots, managing to take its power and rich texture and render a wine that walks on tiptoes with transparency, detail and a stunning, pulverized rock minerality.

10.16.2014 Current Specials: On Lapierre and Deliciousness: 2013 Lapierre Morgon Lapierrre is one of our most beloved Beaujolais producers. While we've spent much time writing about how fun and delicious it is, Lapierre also offers plenty of complexity and benefits from 6-8 years of cellaring. That's if you can keep your hands off it.

10.15.2014 Current Specials: 2013 Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg - Radiant Clarity The 2013 vintage in Austria is simply beautiful. Since the 2007 vintage, I've been waiting for a vintage like 2013. It's that pure, balanced and impressive.  

10.14.2014 Current Specials: Paolo Bea, Grand Cru: 2007 Paolo Bea Sagrantino di Montefalco "Vigneto Cerrete" What keeps us returning to Bea is how the wines have a rustic and wild side yet display an undeniable nobility that's completely on their own terms. Bea's Sagrantinos are so singular, so firmly rooted in a sense of place and their maker. Cerrete takes all of this to a new...

10.13.2014 Current Specials: 2005 Roumier Bourgogne Rouge - Magic Meets Legendary Vintage Anything that Roumier touches is elevated. In every vintage, Roumier's Bourgogne far transcends its humble appellation. However, in 2005 the wine is just a knock-out.

10.11.2014 Current Specials: One of the great sleepers of the vintage" - 1995 Calon-Segur The 1995 vintage in Bordeaux produced some richly powerful wines, some of which possessed raw tannins. As Parker's quote above makes clear, Calon-Ségur is a big success in the vintage and one that wasn't blatantly apparent in its youth. 

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