0.36ha, The Pinnacle:
2018 Jouan Clos St-Denis

Posted by Ian McFadden

The Grand Cru Clos Saint-Denis is celebrated for its class, purity, feminine grace, and simultaneously, for its intensity.

It’s a perfect match for Jouan.

Jouan’s wines are famous for possessing a captivating mixture of perfume and delicacy. The wines' signature of subtlety and mysterious depth of complexity reaches another level in the Clos Saint-Denis.

The difficulty is that Jouan only has 0.36ha in Clos Saint-Denis. It's a wine that's really hard to land in quantity. I'm happy to have a second opportunity to offer it.

Jouan's Clos Saint-Denis is always incredibly soulful and nuanced, but the 2018 works on a different scale. The 2018 vintage in Burgundy is legendary for how warm the summer was. At this early point, it seems like the vintage will produce some extraordinary wines with soaring complexity and sturdy acid backbones. 

The way that Jouan weaves delicacy to the layers of fruit, earth, and spice in his Clos Saint-Denis makes us confident that this will be a stand-out vintage for the wine. You can expect concentration, haunting complexity, and lift. 

Jouan produces some of the most delightfully pensive Burgundies that I know of. They thrive on subtlety and mysterious depth. The Clos Saint-Denis takes these qualities to their apex. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits


2018 Jouan Clos St-Denis

750 ml