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Lapierre Rarity:
2019 Lapierre Morgon Sans Soufre

Each year, Lapierre's San Soufre is our most popular Beaujolais offer. It sells out in hours.

Lapierre is one of the most beloved winemakers, and it's rare to see the Sans Soufre bottling. 

Burgundy Royalty:
Ramonet 2013-2017

Ramonet is one of the time-tested greats of white Burgundy.

Catch a Ramonet in top form, which is usually the case, and you'll find a case study in tension and intensity.

Transcending Its Appellation:
2018 Bachelet Gevrey-Chambertin VV

Bachelet's Gevrey exists on its own plane.

On paper, it's a village-level wine. In reality, it radically transcends the category.


Allemand's wines are very special. It's hard not to agree with Vinous Media's Josh Raynolds when he writes: "let me state unequivocally that there is no estate in the entire Rhône Valley making finer wines.”

White Burgundy - 1993-2018:
Boisson-Vadot, Coche-Dury, Dauvissat, Lafon, Pillot, Raveneau, Roulot & Much More

I'm happy to present this wide-ranging list of white Burgundy.

I tried to highlight Burgundy's many top white producers ranging from Dauvissat and Raveneau to Coche, Lafon, and Roulot.

Stand Alone Rosé:
2019 Pradeaux Bandol Rosé

There are very few wines like Pradeaux being made in France today. Pradeaux is uncompromisingly old school.

Their Bandol Rosé is one of the most structured, complex, and ageable examples of the category. 

Real Deal Sangiovese:
2017 Podere le Boncie Rosso di Toscana Le Trame

Boncie is producing some of our favorite expressions of Sangiovese.

Every time we open a bottle of the Le Trame, we're blown away.

The Le Trame is a seriously compelling, multifaceted, and personality-filled bottle. In short, Le Trame is the real deal, a bold example of how great Sangiovese from Chianti Classico can be. 

The Pinnacle of Cotat:
2019 François Cotat Sancerre La Grande Côte

When you taste a young François Cotat Grande Côte, you immediately sense its profundity, the intricate weave of layers, and its taut depth.

Among the vineyards of Sancerre, La Grande Côte is king.

The Beating Heart Of Burgundy:
2018 Jouan Chambolle-Musigny & Gevrey-Chambertin "Aux Echezeaux"

Once you adjust to their un-showy wavelength and whispering complexity, it's really easy to become obsessed.

This has become very clear to us. Our Jouan offers have become some of the most popular. 

The Undeniable Magic of Müller:
QbA to Eiswein

To state the obvious, the wines of Egon Müller are world-class.

In terms of combining intensity and weightless refinement, Müller is without peer. 

"This is a very fine Meursault villages and worth checking out."
2018 Roulot Meursault Villages

"There is a really lovely sense of verve"
2018 Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru La Forest

Dauvissat nailed the 2018 vintage.

Vincent Dauvissat compares the vintage to the legendary vintages of 1947 and 1959. 

2018 Keller Abtserde Grosses Gewächs

Abtserde has the magical ability to take the power of Hubacker and the minerality of Morstein and Kirchspiel and roll them up into a wine of heartbreaking finesse and ungodly length.

It's not at all surprising that Abtserde is one of the hardest wines to track down. 

Independence Day Sale - Large Formats: Go Big, Save Big

Today, we're celebrating the 4th of July by unleashing some great deals on large formats, everything from magnums to 9-liters.

We've aggressively discounted a wide range of large formats, many of them are serious rarities. 

From Vosne-Romanée to Clos Vougeot

It's very rare that I get to offer Mugneret-Gibourg at this level of breadth.

It seems that every single wine the Mugneret sisters make is aggressively chased down. It's been a few years since I've been able to put together an offering. 

A Perennial Overachiever:
2018 Tribut Chablis

When it comes to classic Chablis AC, Tribut is one of the most important names to know.

Tribut's Chablis is, without a doubt, one of the best village level wines in the region.

The Young Foillard Nails It:
2018 Alex Foillard Brouilly

Alex Foillard, son of Beaujolais legend Jean Foillard, made the first wine under his label at twenty-five years old.

Beaujolais fans immediately took notice.

2017 Drouhin Griotte-Chambertin

Griotte-Chambertin is one of the most beguiling and elegant of Gevrey's Grand Crus.

It is also one of the smallest and most elusive Grand Crus in Burgundy. Just over a handful of producers even make wine in Griotte.

The Can't Miss Rosé:
2019 Chene Bleu Vaucluse Rosé

Chêne Bleu is my go-to rosé.

I've never encountered a rosé that's such a sure thing. Everyone I recommend Chêne Bleu to loves it and comes back for more.

Macle 1993-2015:
Côtes du Jura & Château-Chalon

Macle has long stood as a benchmark for the Jura. The explanation is simple: no one in the region captures elegance the way that they do.


"The 2015 is utterly captivating." - Lowest Price:
2015 Antinori Tignanello

Since its first vintage in 1971, Tignanello has turned out no shortage of stunning wines. No matter how you cut it, the 2015 stands out as one of the greats.

The Cult Of Gonon:
2016 Gonon Saint-Joseph

The 2016 northern Rhônes have become an obsession of ours. They're so clear, concentrated, and classically proportioned.

Bulletproof Bourgogne:
2017 Barthod Bourgogne Rouge

Barthod's Rouge is one of the great and time tested examples of the category.

It's a wine that Burgundy buyers stock up on each vintage. 

"Elegant, airy and exceptionally fresh"
2017 Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin VV

Fourrier's Gevrey is a long-standing favorite. The combination of straight-up deliciousness with breeding is hard to resist.

It's a wine that radically transcends its villages category. When you try to think of comparisons, a few wines come to mind - Roumier's Chambolle, Mugneret-Gibourg's Vosne, and then, you start reaching. 

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