02 Moet Grand Vintage MAGS: The Ultimate Value

Posted by Robert Schagrin

The Ultimate Value
2002 Möet et Chandon
Grand Vintage Brut Magnums
Historic Vintage, Huge Quality Magnums

I've felt this way for some time. However, a recent vertical tasting of Grand Vintage from 1959-2000 drove this home unequivocally.

Over the past few years, Möet et Chandon has really stepped up their game with Grand Vintage. Dom Perignon's charismatic and innovative Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy is overseeing the winemaking at Möet et Chandon and has been working side-by-side with Möet's skillful Benoît Gouez. They have taken Grand Vintage to previously unseen quality levels.

Starting with the 2000 vintage, the fruits of their labor are clearly apparent. However, in 2002 their efforts combined with the quality of the vintage taking the Grand Vintage to hallowed ground.

2002 is by all accounts, along with 96 and 90, the best vintage in the past quarter century. Grand Vintage has hit a new level in 2002. The 2002 Grand Vintage promises to be on your short list of collectibles.

The sheer grandeur of 02 Grand Vintage is most apparent in magnum. These are the only magnums of 2002 Grand Vintage on offer in the U.S. At $129.95 per mag, the value here is worth taking note of. It's the lowest price in the world.

Simply put, magnums are just better, especially for Champagne. The mousse tends to be finer. Magnums also limit the exposure to oxygen allowing the wines to age longer and with more freshness.

Of course, as we head into the holiday season magnums are the ideal format for parties. (Please note: 02 Grand Vintage Mags arrive early December.)

While 2002 is clearly a vintage that will go the distance in the cellar, Grand Vintage is approachable now, displaying a youthful brightness and energy that's really lovely.

The breeding of this Champagne is undeniable in its sleek elegance, fine balance and complexity. Grand Vintage is a thrilling combination of flashy, ripe citrus along with gentle spiced pears, flowers and layers of minerals.

For their Grand Vintage, Möet et Chandon has always been focused on quality, only concentrating on the best years. Case in point: 2002 marks only the 69th vintage released since 1842.

I'm convinced that 2002 will prove to be one of the most important years for Grand Vintage. 2002 combines the concentration of a ripe vintage with the paradox of elegance and intensity that's incredibly impressive. There's no better way to capture the brilliance of the wine than in magnum.

If you're looking for value vintage Champagne, this is one of the smartest buys around.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits