04 Sandrone: Greatest le Vigne - Greatest Price

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Luciano Sandrone's 2004 Barolo le Vigne
"Sublime" Wine Advocate
Lowest Price in the Nation!

This is a do not miss opportunity for Piedmont fanatics and those looking for serious Barolo at an absurd price for this wine.

In top vintages like 2004 Sandrone's Le Vigne is simply a thundering value of a Barolo - it's a bottling I've gone back to again and again since its inaugural vintage nearly two decades ago and it continuously over-delivers, making an impact lavished with velvet.

This is the delicate balance that Sandrone maintains better than nearly anyone else in the Piedmont. Barolo with a seductive flesh, layers of perfumed fruit that are finely knit and caressing, yet with a sternness and structure that brings the opulence into focus. Sandrone's Le Vigne has to be one of the most graceful dances in the Piedmont between decadence and rigor. Flesh, with serious bones. The ferociousness of Nebbiolo, with the ballroom elegance of a royal.

Antonio Galloni, writing for the Wine Advocate, uses the word "sublime." As grand and even mysterious as that term may be, it's just about perfect. The 2004 is a shocking Le Vigne that really does surpass the high standards the bottling has set for itself. Galloni's review is absolutely ecstatic, read it in full below.

Sandrone is one of the few producers who is earnestly collected by both the die-hard traditionalists and the modernists. He has earned a reputation that is lofty, yet not easily categorized. Great things are often like that. If his rare single-vineyard Cannubi Boschis is the King of the Court, the Le Vigne stands formidably beside it, an effort that speaks to the strengths, not to mention the historical tradition, of blending. Le Vigne is blended from four single-vineyard plots. If it is not as massive as the Cannubi, it has a remarkable density and complexity and is approachable earlier than the Cannubi. For those of you who enjoy drinking wine as well as cellaring it, this is a very good thing. Still, there is no rush, Le Vigne is very capable of two decades of evolution - the 2004 has the stuffing to go longer.

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2004 Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne

Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate: "The 2004 Barolo Le Vigne is a phenomenal effort. Sweet, long and pure, it reveals an expansive core of perfumed ripe red fruit, flowers and spices. Despite its notable concentration it is made in a restrained style, showing remarkable elegance as well as harmony, with superb length and finessed tannins on the close. Le Vigne is made from the Ceretta, Vignane, Merli and Conterni vineyards. I have tasted the wines from these plots separately on many occasions. Curiously, I have never been particularly impressed by any of the wines on their own, yet when they are blended the results can be extraordinary, as is the case with the sublime 2004 Le Vigne."