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2005 Lignier Aligote
Sophisticated Summer Sippin' Burgundy
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"Delicious and easy yet this does not lack for personality."
- Burghound

You have to love the curt, professional prose of the Burghound. Although Aligotés are rarely rated (his quote above is from the 2000 Lignier Aligoté), they certainly deserve more attention than they get.

SeriousAligoté has an easy-going charm, a high-toned "zing" to it that makes it one of the most refreshing whites out there. And when it's given a little bit of loving attention, the resulting wine has so much more personality than its humble price suggests. A 2005 White Burgundy for $18 bucks? C'mon.

There are only a few very serious Aligotés out there and Lignier's is certainly one of them (Villaine's Bouzeron property would be another, d'Auvenay's massive Aligoté yet one more). In 2005 we had not only a fairy tale vintage, but we also had Hubert Lignier at the helm (even though the labeling is that of his grandchildren, Lucie et Auguste) working with seriously old-vine Aligoté, past 70 years old at last check.

If Aligoté is known for its bracing, bone curling acidity (the "Kir" was born from this shrillness, the tiny dose of cassis meant to balance the sharp tang of the Aligoté), from old vines and shaped by Hubert Lignier this Aligoté has more softness, more flesh. While the acidity is still gushing, there is more depth to the wine - the edges have been delicately rounded and there is even some elegance (though perhaps a bit pushy!) as it refreshes the palate. The cornerstone of this wine is a rock-studded lemon pith, though the citrus does show edges of stone fruit (apricot, peach) with some time in the glass and there is just a lovely detail of crunchy minerality, some rock salt and gravel.

While we personally think this juice is a bit too good to mix with cassis, for you Kir aficionados, it probably wouldn't get any better. And for $18, well, maybe it's a worthy experiment.

Fans of crisp whites would be well advised to grab a bottle - expand your palate. A good Aligoté can deliver a lemon-and-ocean flavor profile not unlike a good Muscadet, though the framework is bigger, with more push. The deep medley of citrus and stone fruit can mimick a toothsome Grüner Veltliner, though there is less aromatic complexity, not so much of the herbal green detailing. Still, fans of either (or both) grapes should experience a good Aligoté - and now's the perfect time.

This is one of those wines we absolutely revel in; a glorious little off-the-radar score of serious juice with a sub-$20 price tag. As a hearty white Burgundy from the 2005 vintage, this Aligoté has enough bottle age on it to be coming into perfect, butcher's knife form to chop through the last bits of summer as we (hopefully) begin to transition to fall.

We have only a few cases - therefore this email is only going out to those of you who have shown a predilection for, and interest in, our summer white wine finds. Only 72 bottles are available so tell us the maximum amount you are interested in and we will allocate fairly. These are the only cases of this wine in the U.S. so compare at pricing is impossible. To order, shoot as an email at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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2005 Lignier Aligoté

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