06 Foillard 3.14 - The Only Bottles in the Country (750s & MAGS!)

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The Long Life of Pi
2006 Foillard Morgon Cuvée 3.14
Fifths and MAGNUMS - The Only Bottles in the Nation

When wine geeks land in Paris, they inevitably seek out wines that are impossible to find this side of the Atlantic: Metras Ultime, Overnoy/Houillon Vin Jaune and Foillard Cuvée 3.14 among them.

Today, we're saying happy holidays and saving you the cost of a ticket into Charles de Gaulle...

Today we offer the 2006 Foillard Cuvée 3.14 at $49.95 a bottle… and for the bigger

For the uninitiated, the 3.14 is a special cuvée of Morgon from Foillard’s oldest vines in the cru’s most famous and prestigious site, the Côte du Py - hence the wine’s name: 3.14, or Pi, a play on Py. Debuted in 2003, it’s made only in vintages that Foillard thinks will make a distinctly interesting wine separate from his regular Côte du Py, and he holds the release back three years (the next vintage, 09, will be released in 2012) - a sign that this is serious stuff.

The 2006 vintage in Beaujolais was warm in June and July, giving the wines, generally speaking, generous fruit and an open, approachable structure. While many 06 Beaujolais came around fairly soon, Foillard’s 3.14 is just now breaking into its long stride.

Here, the added concentration from the old-vine grapes combines fantastically with a firmer structure and fine-tuned balance of acidity that highlight Foillard’s super-attentive viticulture.

These qualities also magnify many of the hallmarks of Foillard’s regular Côte du Py. The 3.14 is full of Asian spices, smoked meat, rich and silken red fruits and herbs… to say that it shows quite Rhône-like wouldn’t be off base.

All this coming from the once-snubbed Gamay grape? I can’t help but think that as Beaujolais finally starts to get its due, a wine like the 3.14 - the work of one of the region’s absolute masters in one of its most serious crus - really helps to illustrate just how serious Beaujolais can be. (Though the pricing of such a serious wine, it should be noted, today remains outstandingly fair.)

One of importer Kermit Lunch’s Gang of Four, Foillard always has a legion of zealous fans, and the near impossibility of finding this cuvée stateside pretty much guarantees that this will be sold out well before Santa hits the road - er, sky - so if you have any interest in this today, we advise that you email us at offers@crushwineco.com now or call the store at (212) 980-9463 with your maximum order. Due to the extremely limited availability, all orders are subject to confirmation.

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2006 Foillard Cuvée 3.14

No compare-at pricing in the country. This bottle is very rarely seen in the U.S.

Also no compare-at pricing in the country. Mags are even more rarely seen in the U.S.!

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