07 Bellus Girasole: SERIOUS Tuscan Value

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Serious, Versatile and Much Acclaimed
2007 Bellus Girasole
Super Delicious, Super Value, Super Tuscan

Here's a wine that artfully integrates Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot sourced from the breezy, sun-stained hillsides of Tuscany's iconic Montalcino district.

The 2007 Bellus Girasole has only just been released, but we've already experienced considerable demand after the wine was featured in the likes of Food & Wine, USA Today, and Women's Wear Daily. Crush is currently the only retailer to carry the inaugural vintage of this nationally acclaimed wine.

Created by sommelier Jordan Salcito (currently Wine Director at NYC's Crown restaurant), Bellus is intended to be both a serious wine and a very fun wine.

First, there's the serious winemaking. Salcito has combined factors such as fruit sourced from determinedly quality-driven growers in the iconic and traditional Montalcino district, plus astute winemaking contributing to a wine that shows off great balance, structure and a clear sense of the rustic yet elegant terroir of the Tuscan hillsides.

At the same time, the wine keeps up the "fun" factor by being juicy, chock-full of vibrant, ripe and generous fruit that shows off Sangiovese's signature red and black cherry notes along with the darker, more plummy and full notes from Cabernet and Merlot. There's a core of dark minerality and a roasted herbal element to back up the fruit, plus a deftly applied touch of oak to frame it all.

This is also an impressive, beautiful choice for the holiday season - and for well beyond it. There's no reason not to crack a bottle (or a case, depending on the size of your party) at any of the coming months' various soirées, dinners and even nights spent recuperating on the couch.

True to Italian form, the wine is beautiful with food: full enough to stand up to richer dishes like roast lamb or a hearty bolognese yet with enough freshness and energy to keep things easy.

Should you choose to cellar a few bottles (or, maybe better phrased: should you be able to resist opening them all), this will also easily make its way to Holiday 2012, even 2015 and beyond. Again, the quality and structure are striking for the price.

Part of Salcito's goal with Bellus - indeed the motivation behind her starting her own wine label - was to help people articulate what they like in a particular wine. To this effect, you'll find each bottle marked with a signature "PALA-TABLE" that breaks down the wine's profile, including its prominent aromatics, its acidity, tannins, body, minerality, oak influence and overall complexity.

Finally, a portion of proceeds from each bottle goes toward the Tory Burch Foundation, which helps financially empower female entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S. by providing them with loans and financial services. I always - but especially this time of year - like to support products that are admirable on their own and that, as an added bonus, also give back to their communities. The 2007 Bellus Girasole makes a great gift not only to yourself but also to family and friends.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

2007 Bellus Girasole