08 J.J. Prum: Middle Mosel Master

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2008 J.J. Prum
"Futures" Pricing on this Middle Mosel Master
Special Pricing Ends Next Friday!

While we still have a few surprises lined up, today our 2008 German “Futures” program continues with J.J. Prüm.

Please note, while every bottle being offered has been discounted, you MUST order by July 31st to take advantage of this special pre-arrival pricing. (That’s one week from today!)

J.J. Prüm is the most iconic estate in Germany with a reputation for producing spectacular Rieslings that happen to be some of the most age-worthy white wines in the world. Rudi Wiest talks about a 1955 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese that was drinking lovely in 1981 and he's confident the 1949 TBA will drink well into this century.

Prum Label

In 2008 the name of the game was ripeness. Manfred Prüm’s 2008 collection can be counted as one of the more obvious Middle Mosel success stories. Prüm’s usual practice of picking late was essential to delivering properly ripe grapes with tame levels of acidity. Prüm was one of the latest harvesters in the Mosel having finished on November 17th, not counting the Eiswein that was harvested between the last days of 2008 and the first week of 2009. Want to read more on 2008 in Germany? Click here to read the Crush Vintage Report.

The results for Prüm in 2008 are a compelling combination of the substance of 2007 with the dazzling acidity of 2004. The bulk of the production, as elsewhere in 2008, consists of Kabinetts and Spätlesen. Unlike most growers, however, Prum's draconian selection and late harvesting allowed him to produce some luscious and electric Auslesen. And as always, the Auslesen are some of the most coveted Rieslings from Germany.

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