08 Trimbach: Back Up the Truck!

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Required Summer Drinking
2008 Trimbach Riesling Réserve
Back Up the Truck!!!

It's hard to overemphasize how versatile and perfect for summer this is.

Riesling is one of the most cooling, most quenching, most versatile wines in existence - at its absolute best, its natural freshness and purity is unmatched.

As the summer has unleashed a string of "heat advisories" up and down the east coast, we considered our favorites and last year's blockbuster Trimbach Reserve came immediately to mind. (And the experts agree; says David Schildknecht of this bottle: "exhilarating refreshment.")

Since we first offered this wine, almost exactly a year ago, we've blown through case after case, replenishing pallets on multiple occasions.

While the deal is incredible, do not let it overshadow the wine itself. Trimbach is a benchmark house not just in Alsace but in the whole realm of wine. They make noble Rieslings that define purity, and their higher-end bottlings grace the world’s most esteemed wine lists and line the best cellars.

But today’s wine isn’t about cellaring. It’s about insane value and wild but refined refreshment - which, as the dog days of summer officially melt in around us, is of the utmost importance.

This 08 Trimbach Riesling Réserve is electric, with a jolt of cool-blue acidity that is simply glacial. The tension of fruit and mineral and resuscitating acidity here also make this incredibly versatile - it pairs ideally with cold fried chicken, sushi, sweet corn chowder, sunshine and rooftops or even your couch after a long day when the AC just isn't doing the trick.

Jean Trimbach has called the 2008 vintage in Alsace the best since 1990, and possibly in the last 100 years. These are wines jammed with chiseled minerality and pert acidity that’s all coated with pure, really bright fruit extract that lends both depth and an outrageous sense of harmony. They’re so thrilling that we’ve gone ahead and put the comparison out there: the 08s from Alsace have a similarity to the great 2001s from the Mosel.

The acids, specifically, give the wines that same kind of precision and energy - that clarity - that makes for such compelling stuff AND that's making the 01 Mosels just drink better and better as they grow up. (If you don’t quite work your way through a whole case this summer, the bottles will definitely keep for another three to five years with proper cellaring.)

To be totally honest, this kind of glowing acidity doesn’t come regularly in Alsace, one of the southernmost and warmest points for world-class Riesling in the Northern hemisphere. But Trimbach regularly flies in the face of what one (especially Mosel-Saar-Ruwer fan) might expect of Alsatian Riesling, with a style that regularly emphasizes cut and tension over Alsace’s typically exuberant fruit, flowers or spice.

"Purity and cleanness, always," Hubert Trimbach emphasized to Andrew Jefford, author of The New France. In 2008, that purity aligned with the cool but sunny days to bring clean, very fresh and startlingly zippy fruit straight to the forefront.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

2008 Trimbach Riesling Réserve

Wine Advocate: Lemon oil with fusil and smoky accents pungently scent the Trimbach 2008 Riesling Reserve, which shares with its lower-rung "classic" sibling a palpable sense of high extract and a piquant and slightly austere expression of things herbal and mineral as well as stimulating cut and brightness. There is an exhilarating refreshment and the promise of sufficient stamina to be worth following for at least ten or a dozen years.

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