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2008 Willi Schaefer Domprobst Kabinett

10 Cases Bottled Exclusively for Us... for You!

The idea was spontaneous.

There I was, in Graach, at the estate and Christoph was telling me they would be bottling the 2008s on Friday. "Do you ever bottle 375mls of the Kabinett?" I asked. "No, we never have," he responded.

"Would you bottle some for me?"

And there you go. That's how we got to today's offer, which is a "thank you" to *only* those of you who have supported our Willi Schaefer.

120 bottles - 10 cases - is not much wine but at the same time, they were only a few days away from bottling and ordering up the proper half-bottles is not quite as easy as ordering in Chinese food, you know? Frankly, Willi Schaefer and his son Christoph are incredibly nice people, smiling benign beings who seem incapable of an angry, petty or non-generous thought. I didn't want to add too much additional stress or seem greedy, so 10 cases it was.

I love the half-bottle format. I love its delicate presence - like a tiny replica of a "real" Riesling bottle. A geeky, collector knick-knack for the shelf! These knick-knacks though, deliver a quantity of Riesling perfectly sized for the modest get together of two, or for a solo adventure of a bit more rigor.

The half-bottle is the perfect Monday-Friday bottle. No leftovers, no remorse.

I should also mention that the half-bottle has other advantages. Wine ages quicker in a half-bottle; so for those of you who enjoy your Kabinetts with a bit of age (5+ years after release is the first sweet spot), Riesling in the half-bottle will get there faster. In 2-4 years this 2008 Kabinett half-bottle should be in just lovely, lovely form. Note: These half-bottles are under natural cork, so for those of you who sweat cellaring wines under screw cap, no worries.

And if any of you think I've left the discussion of the actual wine itself till the end of the email as some sort of subconscious (or unconscious) suggestion that the format here is more alluring than the wine, think again.

In 2008, Willi Schaefer has one of the greatest collections in the Mosel. It's a simpler lineup for sure, which is nice for those of us who aren't so into memorizing multiple fuder numbers. There is only one Kabinett from each of the three vineyards (Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich and Graacher Domprobst) and from the Spätlese level up, they are all from the Domprobst.

As good as the other Kabinetts are – and they are good - to my palate, the Domprobst Kabinett is where the SERIOUS magic of the collection begins in 2008. This is an astonishing Kabinett and if there’s a contender for the 100-point Kabinett, this is one. Monumental? No, not at all. (But that's the point.) This wine has delicacy; just an exquisitely beautiful nose of flowers and an incredible depth of fruit that is both complex and explosive on the palate. Apple, ripe oranges with a fine dusting of peach. This is featherweight, yet holds the concentration of a wine twice its size, almost staining though it walks across the palate with incredible delicacy. Amazing juice. I’ll say that again: Amazing juice.

This is going to be first come, first served. Please give us the maximum number of bottles you are interested in and we will allocate accordingly to try and get as many half-bottles into as many hands as possible. To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Buyer
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2008 Willi Schaefer
Graacher Domprobst Kabinett Half-Bottle (375ml)

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