09 Bachelet Charmes: "Buy It If You Can Find It."

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Buy it if you can find it."
2009 Bachelet Charmes-Chambertin
100-Year-Old Vines
180 Cases for the WORLD

This has to be one of the rarest Burgs in the world; it is certainly one of the best.

Denis Bachelet farms .44-hectares of the Grand Cru Charmes-Chambertin vineyard; his vines here are nearly 100 years old. In a cellar that's not much bigger than the size of a modest living room, Bachelet produces a paltry 180 cases of this wine.

It is among the rarest treasures of Burgundy. Allocations, even to major merchants in major cities, often come down to a single bottle.

But Bachelet's Charmes is also one of Burgundy's masterpieces, a wine that deserves a place alongside the legends of Gevrey: Leroy, Fourrier, Dugat-Py, Faiveley.

It is very hard to pin-point exactly what makes this wine so profound. Yes, it is larger-than-life, textural, dense, wickedly complex and deeply mysterious. If many of the grand Burgundies can be polished, showing off as it were "their best angle," Bachelet shows everything, always - soil, stone, flower, fruit, meat - yet somehow his Charmes, as powerful as it is, remains clear, balanced... elegant.

Today we present what comes down to two cases of Bachelet's extraordinary 2009 Charmes at the lowest, the only, price in the U.S. This offers goes out only to those who have supported our Grand Cru Burgundy program.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest Charmes he has ever made. The Burghound calls his 2009 collection "brilliant" and concludes: "In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Bachelet '09s are among the best that I have ever seen from him." The Burghound's complete Charmes review is below.

While the pricing for the top 2009s have simply skyrocketed (Rousseau's Beze well over $1,000 with Fourrier's Griotte not far off that lofty mark) Bachelet's pricing remains more down to earth.

Writes the Burghound: "Buy it if you can find it." We'll leave you with that.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2009 Bachelet Charmes-Chambertin

Burghound: "An expressive and notably ripe nose combines relatively generous wood influence with plum, earth and cassis aromas that introduce textured and palate staining flavors that possess outstanding energy as they explode on the powerful and hugely long finish. This is a big yet elegant Charmes with enormous aging potential. Buy it if you can find it."