09 Ridgeview Rose Fitzrovia: The British Sparkling Invasion Continues

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Really Good British Sparkling Wine, Rose Edition
2009 Ridgeview Rose Fitzrovia
Finesse and Value

"The sparkling wines from Ridgeview Estate [...] are superb and will forever put to rest the notion that England is not capable of making good wine." -Eric Asimov, New York Times

Ridgeview is indeed helping to put British sparkling wines on the map. Not only in terms of its Champagne-esque elegance and finesse, but also providing great value.

This is serious juice, for the curious, the adventurous... or just about anyone who likes Champagne Rosé at about 20%+ off!

A couple weeks ago, we introduced Ridgeview's Cavendish (which sold out quickly, though more is on the way!) Today, we highlight Ridgeview's 2009 Fitzrovia Rosé.

Champagne-style sparklers from England have been sort of buzzing around the radar for the last decade or so, but, as the Asimov quote above makes clear, Ridgeview's dedication and quality has pushed the wines over the tipping point and into the thoughts of those in the know.

Longitudinally, we're only 88 miles north of Champagne, which was the inspiration for the Ridgeview estate and their planting Champagne's holy triumvirate of grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinoit Meunier.)

The climate in these parts is semi-continental, which means the nights get quite cool while the daytime temps are warm enough for long enough in the summer that (with careful vineyard maintenance) the grapes can ripen fully - all the while maintaining a beautifully vibrant acidity.

If that sounds pretty much ideal for sparkling wine, that's because it is. Ridgeview's Rose Fitzrovia 09 is Chardonnay led which helps account for the elegance that it offers. Both Pinots lend berry fruit and weight.

Ridgeview's Rose works well as an aperitif or at the table paired with light fare. Holding on to the wine for a year or two will, in all likelihood, result in a wine deeper and richer than it is today-and no less compelling.

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Joe Salamone
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2009 Ridgeview Rose Fitzrovia