'10 MIANI: Friulano Buri, Sauvignon Saurint: Just a Few Bottles Available!

Posted by Joe Salamone

"No Peers in Italy"
2010 Miani Friulano Buri,
2010 Miani Sauvignon Saurint
Just a Couple Cases of Each...

"Enzo Pontoni is simply on another planet. In the best years his wines frankly have no peers in Italy. The textural richness and depth Pontoni coaxes from his old-vine parcels is a marvel."
- Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate

There's really very little left to say here. As we wrote recently, Pontoni's Miani wines are among the most fascinating and powerful, most difficult to find, most hotly sought after in all of Italy.

Miani’s whites are dramatic wines. The most appropriate comparison must be the great whites of Coche-Dury. Both producers create wines of flamboyant richness, both are ruthlessly driven, powerful wines that somehow carry all their muscle and velvet with elegance.

Both wines offer concentration married to detail and an intense streak of minerality. Saurint shows Sauvignon Blanc’s powerful and exotic side with sweet herbs (mint, tarragon, bay,) rocky minerality and determined focus. Miani’s Friulano takes Friuli’s indigenous grape and creates an elegantly woven tapestry of ripe stone fruits, flowers and that rocky minerality again.

We have barely a couple of cases to go around, so this is a one-shot deal: Give us your maximum order, and we'll try to satisfy as many people as possible! Note that these are the only bottles in the country.

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Joe Salamone
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