$15 Rheingau Back Up the (Holiday Weekend) Truck!

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2005 Johannisof Riesling Klaus Spatlese
$15 for a Lot of Rheingau Style
Back Up the (Holiday Weekend) Truck!

The Rheingau offers a Riesling with an almost meditative power. Where a Mosel wine dances on its tip-toes, a Rheingau Riesling flows across the palate with rich fruit and more style than Coco Chanel.

The style of Coco Chanel for only $15???

Well yeah, sort of. Johannishof is a respected Rheingau elder, an estate founded in the late 1600s that has produced wines of big style and grace for, oh, say a few centuries - the Klaus Spätlese is a solid value at its normal $25+ tariff.

At $15 on the six-pack it's the greatest introduction to the Rheingau going (not to mention a value party 6-pack for the holiday weekend).

The 2005 Klaus is a top-vintage example: lavish, with deep pockets of ripe, flashy fruit - pineapple, mango and guava that wash over the palate. One could (and should) use the word "billowing" here - there's an expansiveness to the palate that feels gently covering, like pulling up a fluffy-fresh down comforter.

If this wine is draped in a gorgeous flowing tapestry of fruit (in fact it's dressed to the nines), it also has some serious moves, an elegant waltz across the palate with well-timed steps.

This noble richness and elegance, this is the Rheingau - this is what makes the region so special. From its Alpine sources in Switzerland, the Rhine flows incessantly northward until it hits Wiesbaden. There, the river takes a dramatic left hand turn, running east-west for about 30 kilometers, before again turning right and heading northward once again. This short east-west flow creates the magical situation of south-facing slopes running right up to the river itself.

These are some of the most expansive vistas in all of German winemaking. While the photo above shows another famous Rheingau estate (Schloss Johannisberg), Johannishof's Klaus vineyard is a part of this large, sweeping mountain - the Johannisberg - one of the most renowned of the Rheingau terroirs.

Today's "Back Up the Truck" is our homage to this great region; the pricing is about as low as it's ever gonna go for a top Rheingau Riesling from a top vintage.

We negotiated hard for the parcel and we're working very lean. The goal here is simply to introduce (or reintroduce as the case may be) the Rheingau to the U.S. German Riesling market. There is just too much history here, too many unique wines that deserve a place on the table and in the cellar. (Stay tuned, we're working on gathering a little collection of Rheingau Rieslings from the 50s and 70s to give you an idea of how beautifully these wines age...)

This powerful Rheingau Riesling value is in stock, ready to go. Send us an email at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.

Have a great weekend!

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2005 Johannishof Riesling Klaus Spatlese

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