1970 Graham: Oxford Edition (Provenance is Everything)

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1970 Graham's: The Oxford Edition
From a Cold and Erudite Cellar
Perfect Provenance, Superb Pricing

"The 1970 is a monumental vintage Port and one of the greats of the vintage." -Robert Parker

When it comes to decades-old vintage Port, provenance is paramount.

Aged Port is one of those wines that you can find almost anywhere - stragglers and lone soldiers camped out in random nooks and crannies, stashed in dusty corners of shops everywhere. While Port is a sturdy wine, this is hardly the way to treat these noble seniors.

Today we offer something very different - a small, pristine parcel from a cellar in a country known for its rapport with Port...

Let's be exact: Five cases of 1970 Graham's Vintage Port, straight from a cool little cellar in Oxford, England.

This is also, to some extent, a personal wine... or at least a personal favorite. It's the bottle that offered me one of my first Port revelations - revelations that Port could be masculine, sturdy, structured and ethereal... and elegant. The wine is flat-out expansive on the palate yet full of a grace and long complexity. As Parker says simply, this is "monumental." (His full tasting note is below.)

While Port makes the perfect holiday gift, please note that this parcel won't be arriving until the late winter or early spring of 2011. Still, we all know the late winter months need warmth and cheer maybe more than December does, so the delayed gratification here may well be perfect.

You can always print this email and present it in a nice envelope as a stocking stuffer?

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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1970 Graham's Vintage Port

Parker: Graham is another great port house, producing one of the deepest-colored and sweetest styles of vintage port. Along with Taylor and Fonseca, Graham has probably been the most consistent producer of great port in the post- World War II era. Their tawnys are quite good rather than exceptional, but their vintage ports are truly sublime and sumptuous. The 1970 is a monumental vintage port and one of the greats of the vintage. It begs to be drunk now, although it will last for at least another two decades.

Arrives late winter 2011
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