1971 Germany - Direct from the Cellar (Von Simmern Baiken Spatlese)

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From the Estate's Cellars...
1971 Von Simmern Baiken Spätlese

A rare and small cache of bottles, from one of the Rheingau's grandest, greatest estates (which also happens to have perhaps the greatest wine label in all of German wine), from one of the most famous vineyards, from one of the greatest vintages of the 20th Century.

Although there are not many bottles to be had - each and every one was plucked from its blissful slumber from the cellars of Von Simmern, only months ago. The provenance, in other words, is PERFECT.

If, in this new age of climate change, the Rieslings of the Rheingau have in many cases taken on an uncomfortable weight, it is the wines of the early and mid-20th Century that offer a glimpse into what the Rheingau is really capable of. It is these wines that are living testaments to why this was, at one time, one of the most famous wine regions in the world.

There is a simply glorious weight and depth to the wine, an elegant unfurling plushness that marries stone fruit with dark complex notes of dried spice, stone and soil. Even after just celebrating its 40th birthday, the magic of this wine is the energy, the fine wire of brightness that lifts it across the palate.

For this energy, we should thank the vintage which is famous for its structure, for the cut and definition of the wines. We should also, however, not overlook the Rauenthaler Baiken, which is one of those overlooked but storied vineyards. This is a "winemaker's vineyard," positioned well behind the grand slope of the Rheingau and at a slightly higher altitude. The Baiken tends to shape wines of both power and CUT. And you can taste this, even decades later.

Von Simmern, along with Schloss Johannisberg, Schloss Vollrads, and Kloster Eberbach, is one of the iconic grand estates of the Rheingau with a history that goes well into the 15th Century. This is one of the estates that in many ways defined what Rheingau Riesling is... and could be.

The provenance is perfect and this offer in many ways is unprecedented - there are so few bottles to be had that we expect a very quick sell-out and will likely have to allocate bottles one per person.

Still - please give us your maximum order and we'll do our best. Keep in mind its the weekend and you may not hear back from us until Monday. But we will log all orders as they are placed and allocate first come, first served!

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Von Simmern Rauenthaler Baike Spatlese 1971

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