1990 Egon Müller Spatlese Auction

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German Royalty - German Rarity
1990 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Spätlese

It's a curious situation, sending out an offering for a German Riesling this rare... and yes, this expensive.

In fact, this has to be one of the most expensive Riesling offers we've ever emailed out. It's certainly one of the rarest.

Yet, among the greatest sweet wines in the world, this is a serious value - consider that 1990 Yquem trades at $300+ a half-bottle!

Today's wine deserves to be placed in this elite context, even if a 20-year-old Spätlese is a bit of a different animal, with more acidity and more energy, probably more of a wine to match with a rich lobster course than dessert.

In any event, for those of you who have never experienced what the very greatest German wines can deliver, please don't miss out - try just one bottle.

For those of you who know what these wines are about, give us your maximum order and we'll do our best. You are unlikely to see an offer like this again.

The estate of Egon Müller is, to quote John Gilman, "The DRC of Germany." The Scharzhofberger vineyard is their Romanée-Conti. There is no other way to convey the reputation, the stature this estate has in the eyes of German wine fanatics.

I don't know of any other wines that present such intensity of flavor on such a super-fine framework. This is the magic of Saar Riesling and from the hand of Egon Müller and his small army of old vines in the legendary Scharzhofberger, there is nothing greater.

Today we present a rare Egon Müller Auction bottling from the stunning 1990 vintage. The vintage is known for wines of impressive ripeness, dense with extract yet, especially in the Saar which is cooler than the Middle Mosel, the 1990ers are very well balanced. Those of you who have had any 1990s from say Hanno Zilliken, or Karthauserhof and Von Schubert in the Ruwer, know what we're talking about.

Auction bottles are not to be confused with their lesser siblings - these are special barrels, selected by the estate to be auctioned off at the annual VDP auction in Trier. They are frighteningly rare and at the auction, they are frighteningly expensive. (See below for more on German Auction bottlings.)

For those of you that remember our offer from a few weeks ago, the fact that we have another small parcel of Egon Müller to offer is no coincidence. In fact, today's wines are from the same cellar, which is a very good thing. These wines were bought at the auction by a German collector and have been properly cellared since - they are even in their original cardboard boxes (OCB). The provenance couldn't be better.

This should be ludicrously self evident, but I'll write this anyway: Quantities are very limited. Please give us your maximum order and we'll do our best. All orders subject to confirmation.

To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
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1990 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Spätlese

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All Spätlesen are NOT created equal. An "Auction" wine is an animal so thoroughly different from the regular bottling that it has, for all intents and purposes, no relationship whatsoever to its "lesser" siblings. Auction wines are made from the choicest selection of berries that are usually picked at later dates. The wines are riskier to make but also have an intensity that the "regular" bottlings simply do not. These bottles are sold at the VDP Auction in Trier and sport auction stickers that indicate their history and provenance.

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