1999 Salon MAGS: "I often wonder if we would hold Le Mesnil in such high esteem today if Salon did not exist."

Posted by Ian McFadden

"I often wonder if we would hold Le Mesnil in such high esteem today if Salon did not exist."
1999 Salon Magnums

"Salon is the quintessential Le Mesnil champagne, expressing the character of the village with an often breathtaking clarity, purity and elegance. -Peter Liem

Salon is simply one of our favorite Champagnes.

Is there a Champagne that is as ruthlessly focused, as brutally mineral? Salon is a glorious example of just how transparent, of just how utterly compelling Chardonnay can be.

When it comes to aging, Salon can hold its own with the best. A vertical tasting we did at the store some months ago showed Salons from the 1970s to be still youthful.

Today, we feature something of a Champagne coup; Salon magnums are among the rarest magnums in all of the Champagne world and we have NEVER had a parcel large enough to offer out.

Salon's 1999, at over 10 years old, is an infant with a long, long life ahead of it. Today, the pricing is extraordinary.

In fact, this pricing is $30 below the lowest price in the nation. If you note the pricing trend on Salon magnums - with the 1996 currently over, $1,000 - the value today comes into sharp focus.

Peter Liem nicely captures Salon's success in 1999 when he writes, "1999 shows an undeniable refinement, driven by its archetypal Mesnil chalkiness as well as a surprisingly prominent acidity." This was a riper vintage, yet the 99 Salon is as chiseled as you might expect. In fact, this characteristic is highlighted by the magnum format, from which the 99 tastes ruthlessly mineral.

Salon's 99 is a perfect example of why Salon is so cherished by collectors. There's an energy, a chiseled chalk imbrued structure, and above all else, a breeding that is singular.

As we've covered before, magnums are the ideal format for Champagne. Nothing allows Champagne to age with such freshness and grace.

And as we mentioned, Salon makes very few mags.

A special treat that we're unlikely to be able to duplicate any time soon. To order, please email us atoffers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits