1er Cru Burgundy Steal: 07 Chandon des Briailles 1er Cru Ile des Vergelesses

Posted by Ian McFadden

1er Cru Burgundy Steal
2007 Chandon des Briailles
1er Cru Île des Vergelesses
Gorgeous, Classic Red Burgundy

"A really lovely effort that is balanced and understated."

Burghound's note hints at the essence of Chandon de Briailles: they are exemplars of classic, soulful Burgundy. The emphasis is on fruit of great purity, flavor and aromatics without weight.

We offered the '07 1er Cru Île des Vergelesses around 18 months ago and it was gone in a flash. It remains one of our favorite value Burgundy offers, so when another parcel surfaced we jumped on it. At this price, this is definitely something to go long on.

It's nice to be able to offer a wine of such pedigree for the price of current vintage Bourgogne Rouges!

And this is most definitely not a Bourgogne Rouge. If anything, Chandon's 1er Cru Île des Vergelesses flirts with Grand Cru quality. Clive Coates, among others, has insisted that the estate's parcels in Île des Vergelesses merit Grand Cru status. This is more than just hyperbole - we're talking old vines going back to 1938 and a serious wine of structure and purity.

While Chandon de Briailles has some impressive Grand Cru holdings, including Corton-Charlemagne, in many ways Île des Vergelesses is their iconic wine. There's that much depth and that much interest.

2007 is a vintage that Chandon de Briailles nailed. Stephen Tanzer captures the charm of the vintage quite well when he writes, "They finish with an almost electric impression of lift and perfume, as if their fine tannins were sparkling on the palate like diamond dust." The 07 vintage played perfectly into Chandon de Briailles' style and their Île des Vergelesses is one of the best we've tasted in recent vintages... and this includes heavy hitters like 05 and 09.

The 2007 Île des Vergelesses is red Burgundy full of woodland berry fruit saturated in minerals with fine earth notes. The delivery is detailed and focused, and above all else, refined.

2007 has a reputation for being an accessible vintage and, true to form, the Île des Vergelesses has a certain suppleness of tannin that makes it immediately appealing - even downright delicious. Slurp-able. However, there's enough structure and balance to age for a handful of years. It's an ideal wine to have around in quantity.

This is one of those Burgundy deals that pops and then almost immediately disappears. '07 1er Cru Île des Vergelesses is a wine that we find absolutely gorgeous. At this price, it's a don't miss.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits