2004 Rinaldi: "A truly majestic Barolo"

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"Profoundly expressive... readers will not want to miss this exceptional wine." Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate

Only 41 bottles and a handful of magnums are available, though honestly, we're very proud of this parcel.

The iconic Brunate-Le Coste Barolo of Giuseppe "Beppe" Rinaldi is impossible to find in any real quantity - he's been selling the lion's share of his tiny production privately from the cellar for decades, quietly becoming one of those producers everyone is talking about.

Today, however, we offer a few proud cases of what is very likely his greatest bottling ever, at a very sharp price. The 2004 Brunate-Le Coste is dark and sweet, raw and earthen yet with so much class and style. Galloni uses the word "majestic" and that seems about perfect - see his full note below.

Rinaldi 2004

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"These are among the most natural, unmanipulated wines being made anywhere." So writes Antonio Galloni. Indeed, if the vinification is old school (and it is, long macerations, natural yeasts in 100-year-old, open-topped fermenters), the fact that Beppe insists on blending the great Crus of the Piedmont puts him in the camp of the staunch traditionalists - Bartolo Mascarello is the obvious, iconic name here.

Rinaldi makes two wines, each is blended from multiple sites. The philosophy of blending is obvious enough - in fact it is a part of the history of the Piedmont that soldiers on. Its logic is undeniable: If each site has its unique voice, blending creates a chorus, a profile that is richer, more nuanced, more complete. "For example," says Rinaldi, "we would use grapes from La Morra and Barolo to give elegance and grapes from Serralunga or Castiglione Falletto to give structure. The resulting wine had a balance of acidity, body and tannins with a lot of overall harmony. That is the real tradition." (Taken from Galloni In the Cellar, April 2005, 2000 Brunate/Le Coste review.)

The Brunate-Le Coste blend is Beppe's most formidable wine. It is a Barolo built for the long haul, especially the 2004 edition which flaunts a deep, almost oozing concentration. It is unbelievably complex, offering up flowers, warm earth and dark fruits.

If the palate can be somewhat unforgiving in its youth, for the patient these are amongst the most complete and unique wines in all of Piedmont. To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com immediately or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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2004 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Brunate - Le Coste

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Galloni, Wine Advocate: "Rinaldi’s 2004 Barolo Brunate/Le Coste has been special every time I have tasted it over the last few years. Profoundly expressive balsamic aromas jump out of the glass, leading to layers of seductive perfumed dark fruit that continue to unfold as the wine sits in the glass. This is a truly majestic Barolo. It possesses superb weight and density in a finely-textured yet powerful style. The tannins are firm yet incredibly refined. Readers will not want to miss this exceptional wine."

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