2004 Servin Chablis "Cuvee Massale"

Posted by CrushWine

Crush Staff Pick for June!

While 2005 Red Burgundy has been getting a lot of attention recently, it's important not to forget that the great 2004 White Burgundies are some of the best ever made.

There's just no denying the invigorating cut and precision of the 2004s. Since the wines were first released, the best 04s have been the darlings of critics and the Crush staff alike. 2004 is undeniably a purist's vintage: Wildly aromatic with laser-like intensity, pure citrus fruit, transparency and grip. Our Staff Pick for June, the 2004 Servin Chablis "Cuvee Massale," is electric - you can almost hear it crackling with tension...

There is perhaps no better way to experience the thrill of this vintage than with top Chablis and we are proud to offer today's pick, from Burgundy's most northern haunt, at the lowest price in the nation.

If you thrill to a nose full of crushed wet stones, citrus, smoke and flowers and prefer minerals and rocks over tropical fruits and toasty oak, today's pick will mesmerize you. The white Kimmeridgian soils of Chablis create a Chardonnay unlike any other in the world.

The "Massale" moniker is important - this means the vineyard is not planted strategically with engineered clones; rather the vines are left to fend for themselves and the vines that do the best - that are naturally suited to the terroir in which they find themselves - are spread throughout the vineyard.

Servin makes terrior-driven wine both in the vineyard and in the glass! But, while the wine is a mirror pointed towards the white soils of Chablis, it also has intense citrus fruit and a stunning balance that makes it both versatile and user-friendly.

A perfect partner to oysters or grilled fish, this bottling is also refreshingly crisp enough to sip under a tree on one of the coming hot summer days, though it most certainly has the stuffing, acidity and structure to last another five years.

After tasting this wine against its counterparts we are convinced that it is superior to many, if not all of its peers from more famous (and expensive) vineyards and producers.

If you are a fan of white Burgundy with more zip than bulk, don't delay in snapping up a few bottles of the Cuvee Massale. If you want to discover what makes Chablis so unique and compelling, now's the time to be introduced.

We were initially dismayed to discover one of our absolute favorites of 2004 when only a few cases remained in the New York market. After some negotiation we were able to secure every last bottle that the importer, Peter Weygandt, had available in the country. For a limited time, we'll offer this stunning Chablis at $24.50.

To secure your bottles of Servin "Cuvee Massale," please shop online or call the store at (212) 980-9463.