2006 Chalone Cabernet Sauvignon

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The $10 Cali Cab Friday Steal!
Something about Chalone

We've written this before, but it's true: Most bottles that cost under $10, taste like bottles that cost under $5. Sure, you're not spending much, but you actually get less than what you're paying for.

Finding the gems that *strongly* deliver for the dollar is not easy - to be honest, it can be downright horrifying work. If you have romantic notions of the wine life, lounging pool-side drinking vintage Champagne with caviar, then think again. This is the wine business on the front lines; tasting through cases and cases of (most of the time) sugared, gloppy, staining, acidic wines that feel like chemistry experiments gone very awry.

But there is the occasional pay-off, and today, well over two months since our last sub-$10 offering, we present the spoils of victory: 2006 Chalone Cabernet Sauvignon. While this is a discovery we made a few months ago, we've just left the negotiating table after penning a fresh deal on a healthy parcel of the Chalone Cabernet at an awesome price.

Today, grab yourself a case of this Monday-Friday drink-me-up special and pay only $7.50.

Our last Cabernet special - the Solaris (sold out, sorry!) - saw incredible demand. We burned through hundreds of cases in a matter of hours. It's ironic that we sold in a half-day what would be the entire vintage's production (or more) for many of our small artisanal wine makers. Seriously, jaws were hitting the floor as phones rang off the hook and emails flooded in...we had to grab a few extra folks to answer the phones and respond to the emails! The message you sent us did not go unnoticed: You want good, solid Cabernet at a reasonable price.

The Chalone Cabernet delivers and then some. We don't put our name on many bottles that clock in under $10. We're not snobs, but it's not easy to find anything at this price that's interesting. What makes the Chalone so impressive is a simple honesty and spectacular balance. It's often too much to ask at this "pricepoint" but not here: this is wine that tastes like wine.

On the nose the Chalone Cabernet shows beautiful sweet dark fruit and some pepper notes, while on the palate it actually drinks more like Bordeaux than California, with an incredible balance and an attractive verve - though there is a distinctly Californian spiciness on the midpalate and fine tannins on the finish. This is certainly a bottle that would be great with food (from steak to Cheeseburgers to Tuesday night Chirping Chicken). It's refreshing that you can find a serious wine that's not an over-extracted juicy gulper (though these gulpers are fun too). The bang for the buck here is extraordinary.

This is a brilliant wine for $10; today we celebrate Friday and the awakening of spring with the magical $89.99 case of Cabernet - that's $7.50 a bottle. What can we say? Sometimes you just need a rockin' little Cabernet but you don't really want to lay down the serious dough. We understand.

Given the shockingly low price on the wine, and how "close to the bone" we are on pricing, we'll add a nominal fee for non-local delivery -- but at a substantial discount.: $5 in Manhattan north of 10th Street and south of 125th Street. $10 south of 10th Street, north of 125th Street or to any outer boroughs.

But please note, the quantities here are not endless by any means - shockingly, we sold through our *big* parcel of Solaris Cabernet in less than 24 hours! Order now by clicking below or calling the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.

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