2006 Monprivato: Special Pre-Arrival Pricing

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06: Drawing a Comparison to the Legendary 89
2006 G. Mascarello Barolo Monprivato
Special Pre-Arrival Pricing...

It's simple. Every year, Mascarello's Monprivato is one of the absolute best Barolos on the market. Every year, it's also one of the best values. We're thrilled to announce the release of the 2006s...

Every year since Crush opened, we've proudly campaigned for Mascarello's Monprivato as a must-buy Barolo. Right up there with the top wines of G. Conterno, B. Giacosa and B. Mascarello - though at a fraction of the price - this offering belongs in every serious wine cellar.

Very few producers (the world over, nevermind Piedmont) achieve the Burgundy-like finesse, the tremblingly-alluring nuances of character that winemaker Mauro Mascarello coaxes from the Nebbiolo of this top site. 

Let's begin by addressing the title's comparison of the 2006 to the legendary 1989... Before I get too breathy, I'll say that official reviews aren't yet out for the 06 Monprivato - but our thirst for clues on its trajectory led us to two very enticing points...

1) Reports of the other, already-reviewed 06s from the Mascarello estate are ridiculously glowing (case in point: Galloni calls Mascarello's Langhe Nebbiolo "a spectacular effort at its level").

2) Galloni noted elsewhere that, "In discussing their 2006s, many producers draw comparisons with their 1989s." 

To connect the dots, look back to Galloni's notes on the 89 Monprivato, where he said, "Mascarello's 1989 Barolo Monprivato remains one of the greatest wines ever made - from any region."

If the 06 is anywhere near the 89... wow - get ready. The 2006 vintage wasn't necessarily an easy one, but for the best estates - those who put in diligent work in the vineyards - the results are some of the most classic Barolos. These are wines of excellent structure, intense aromatics (flowers and herbs turn into fireworks), a purity of fruit matched to leather and earth, and a mouthfeel that is at once fascinatingly layered and tensile, a cloak for serious power.

It should go without saying that the aging potential here (like the 89s) will be outstanding. As with all the top Monprivatos, this deserves a few years of rest to come into top form - then, it should improve for several decades.

Those of you who have ever had a Mascarello Monprivato know the intrigue and value we're talking about here; those of you who haven't: We strongly urge you to make this vintage your first. The special pre-arrival pricing here is outstanding, but it ends next Wednesday!

Please note: For customers interested in magnums (arriving in 2011), preference will be given to those who purchased fifths. To place your order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

Giuseppe Mascarello 2006 Barolo Monprivato