2007 Huet Le Mont Demi: Vouvray Defined

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Huet: Outstanding Chenin at a Sharp Price
The Majestic 2007 Le Mont Demi-Sec
One of Huet's finest efforts over the last 10 years

In the right hands, Chenin Blanc produces one of the most regal, versatile, and ageworthy wines in the world.

But you already know this - you're hearing from us today because you have supported our offers of some of the greatest Chenin estates in the world: Foreau, Joly, Richard Leroy, and today's target: Huet.

The wines of Huet are a long-standing benchmark not only for Vouvray, but also for Chenin Blanc. The best Huets are some of the most captivating and longest lived wines available anywhere in the world.

The formula here is simple: Noel Pinguet + Sustainable Agriculture + Great Vintage + Rigorously selected old vine Chenin from Le Mont = Breathtaking, concentrated, elegant (yet fierce) wines built for the long haul.

The 2007 vintage at Huet should prove to be the estate’s strongest entry since the phenomenal wines of 2002 - especially when it comes to their demi-sec wines. The year was a classic roller coaster, with a pleasant ending. After a very warm April, winemakers were biting their nails in May through mid-August as it rained regularly and temperatures remained cool. Thankfully, in late August the sun returned for the remainder of the season to shape a vintage with plenty of structure, bright acids, and excellent palate presence.

The consensus among Vouvray growers is that 2007 is a very good to great vintage; one veteran grower has said that 2007 is his best vintage to date.

Given the early good word (and a few half-bottles sampled off of great wine lists like 11MP), Tom and I were curious about all the wines in the Huet stable, and surreptitiously purchased a few cuvees from our competitors. The result of our tasting was clear: The standout in 2007 is the Le Mont Demi-Sec, which in this vintage is the epitome of this clay and silex site. Le Mont screams of a mineral-informed elegance and feminine grace. The wine is full of quince, green apple, honey, and herbs with a spiced minerality and crystalline spine of acidity, but most importantly, the bottle was finished in under half an hour - one of the best testaments to the enjoyability of any wine.

The '07 Le Mont comes highly recommmended for all of the reasons above, not to mention its versatility at the table and long (20+ year) aging potential. Tom and I tasted the wine several months ago and have been searching for a parcel that we could offer at an excellent price to our loyal Chenin-heads. We found a tiny one on Monday, so please let us know your maximum interest and McRae and the crew will do their best to allocate fairly. We will certainly have more of the wine at a higher price (still worth it!), but don't hesitate to lock-up your bottles now by emailing us at offers@crushwineco.com or calling (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Tom Stephenson
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2007 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec

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