2007 Keller Kirchspiel MAGNUMS: Rhein Rarity

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Keller in Large Format
2007 Keller Kirchspiel GG MAGNUMS
RARE! Only Price in U.S.

This is one of the most loaded intro lines I've ever penned:

Today, a tranche of super-rare MAGNUMS from one of the greatest vintages of the last 20 years, from one of the greatest winemakers in Germany, at a price that amounts to nearly 10% off the current price on regular bottles.

For fun, take a look at the pricing on the current vintage release of Kirchspiel GG mags (2010) and you'll see them starting at $160 and going up to $175.

But this isn't current release.

These are perfectly stored magnums from the epic 2007 vintage. Some of you may remember subtle captions summarizing the vintage, such as this one from John Gilman: "The 2007 German Vintage: A Brilliant Year that Eclipses Every Vintage Since 1971!"

Whether 2007 turns out to be the second coming of 1971, I don't exactly know - they're still quite young and, well, this stuff is complicated. What is certain, undeniable and irrefutable is that Keller's 2007s, across the board, are magical, monumental wines. In the collection of vintages from 2004-2011 (the vintages I have tasted and am more or less familiar with) the 2007s may prove to be the deepest, the most statuesque... the most muscular and long lived.

Certainly the depth of material here is simply awesome.

Personally, I've always loved the 2007 Kirchspiel - the interplay of concentration married beautifully with the sharper, more chiseled architecture of the Kirchspiel. This is a dancer of a Riesling with just so much raw material.

We had one of our few remaining 750mls out at a dinner just a few weeks ago and it was flat-out delicious. In magnum, the bottle is simply bonkers. No other wine - aside from perhaps Champagne - does so well in magnum. The format emphasizes the minerality, the freshness, the piercing, saturating flavor with an intensity that somehow the regular bottle never quite achieves.

In magnum, the wine will also age much longer than the 750mls. Schildknecht gives the wine a 12- to 15-year life; Gilman says the bottle will only grow for over 20 years. Find both reviews below.

Either way, in magnum, there is no doubt the arc of this wine should be measured in decades.

This is about as rare as it gets - so this offer goes out only to those of you who have supported our Riesling program.

Please give us your maximum request and be patient with us. You may not hear back from us until Monday.

To order, reply to this email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
Crush Wine & Spirits