2008 Egon Muller QbA: A QbA Like No Other

Posted by Joe Salamone

A QbA Like No Other
2008 Egon Müller Scharzhof QbA
"Allying in the best vintage manner a sense of underlying extract with levity."

There is simply no greater, more storied estate in Germany than Egon Müller.

There are few, if any, Rieslings that can match the intensity and complexity, combined with a steely mineral core that is equal parts porcelain and silk.

These are some of the greatest Rieslings on the planet. And prices match that.

Before going any further, I have to mention that this is a very small parcel. This offer is only going out to a select group of German fanatics, but it's so limited that it will sell out quickly.

Despite its humble status, Müller's QbA is a dead serious and thrilling bottle of Riesling. It's by far the most impressive traditional QbA wine in existence. (I say traditional QbA because there's a young generation of growers who are using the looseness and freedom of the designation for some of their most ambitious wines.)

The '08 QbA is in a really lovely place. 2008 is a vintage that we can't get enough of - it's pure, classically structured, mineral-led and every time we taste a wine from the vintage, it seems like it's even better than the last one we had.

Müller's '08s offer a snapshot of everything that we love about the wines. There's a fineness, a length and depth of mineral intrigue that's at once intense and effortless in feel. Müller himself compares his '08 with the '88 vintage, which is one of our favorites.

This thread stretches through the entire range, even the not so humble QbA. On the 08 QbA specifically, David Schildknecht comments on its "allying in the best vintage manner a sense of underlying extract with levity."

Müller's QbA is sourced from their vines in Saarburg, Kanzem, Wawern, Oberemmel and often some Scharzhofberger finds its way into the blend. The high level that the QbA delivers serves as a testimony to the skill and dedication at Egon Müller. In short, it's a very overachieving wine from a vintage where Müller really shined brightly.

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Joe Salamone
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