2008 Sassicaia: Italy's "First Growth"

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The Original. The Only.
2008 Sassicaia

Italy's "First Growth" at the most compelling price in the nation.

When it was first released to the public in 1968, Sassicaia sparked a revolution and spawned a riot of imitators - and thus an entire genre of wines that came to be known as "Super Tuscans." But NONE were - or have ever been - able to match the awesome breed, refinement and class that Sassicaia possesses.

Today I’m excited to offer the just released 2008 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia, which is one of the greatest Sassicaia releases in the last two decades. Keep in mind that this is after the freak-out reviews of the 2006, which Galloni called “simply glorious” as well as “awesome.”

Galloni hasn’t yet published his "official" verdict on the 2008 - but given the early excitement from reviewers it seems destined for a monumental status. The classic balance, full yet silky tannins matched to deep fruit and fresh aromatics of this 08 is down-right intoxicating.

And when it hits, you can bet that pricing will bump up accordingly, as it always does, with the wider audience pushing to get in on the action. Today's pricing at $169 on single bottles is among the lowest in the nation; if you're interested in a six-pack, we are happy to take an additional 6% off this single-bottle price.

Sassicaia is one of the core wines I’ve regularly collected since the 1985 vintage, and I deeply admire the traditional, built-for-the-long-haul style. With its majority of Cabernet Sauvignon (plus 15% Cab Franc), this has always, to me, been incredibly reminiscent of a great Pauillac yet with a distinctly Italian spirit.

Sassicaia was originally created by the Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, a Francophile aristocrat in Tuscany. He was passionate about wine and recognized that his home had a stony soil (indeed, sasso means “stone” in the local dialect) that was similar to the area in Bordeaux where his favorite wines came from, so he planted Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and began making wine for himself. At first, it was just for private consumption, but in 1968 the first Sassicaia was released to the public, and a revolution was born in the land of Sangiovese.

Sassicaia sparked plenty of "Super Tuscan" imitators (the majority of which flaunted considerably more over-the-top international styles), but this bottling remains coveted for both its originality and the sheer, consistent elegance it's maintained through the years. The greatest vintages of Sassicaia are cellar monuments that remain vibrant, fresh and highly sought after today - and they fetch corresponding prices. Today offers an excellent opportunity to put bottles or cases away at the sharpest pricing you're likely to ever see for this bottling.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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2008 Sassicaia

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