2009 Allemand Chaillots - 09 Northern Rhone Elevated

Posted by Joe Salamone

'09 Northern Rhône Elevated
2009 Allemand Cornas Chaillot
Only Bottles in the Country

"At once rich and energetic, finishing with outstanding clarity and sappiness." -Josh Raynolds

When it comes to Thierry Allemand, we're obsessed. There's no way around it.

Honestly, our fascination with the wines has been so intense that I would have assumed it to have waned by now. But it's been the opposite. With every bottle opened, our obsession has only grown.

It's laid bare the simple fact: Allemand's are very special wines, the product of one of the most gifted and thoughtful winemakers we know.

2009 is a really strong vintage, but Allemand took it to another level.

Allemand's 2009s serve as a prime example of why we think so highly of his work. 2009 is an impressive, concentrated, and often quite ripe vintage. As the Raynolds quote above makes clear, Allemand's 2009 Chaillot takes the power and ripeness of 2009 and adds a remarkable amount of poise, verve, and clarity. In warm vintages like this one, only the best, hardest working producers can pull off such a feat.

It's for this reason that we consider Thierry Allemand's wines to be the most singular expressions of Cornas around. Simply put, they're the purest, most finessed, and most expressive Cornas being made today.

Allemand stands as heir apparent to the retired cult producer, Noël Verset—both are Cornas on a different plane. Both feel true to Cornas but are endowed with an elegance and expressiveness that makes them unique, somehow transcending the appellation while being firmly planted in it. It's worth noting that aged Versets are cruising very close to the $500 mark.

Returning to the 2009 Chaillot, the combination of concentration, acid backbone, and overall harmony bodes very well for the wine being a distance runner.

The wine offers up complex, well defined layers of red fruits, flowers, and granite minerality. All of it is delivered with a riveting poise and elegance. It boldly shows Allemand at the height of his powers.

Allemand only has 4.5ha and has a huge following. We've worked very hard to secure enough wine for this offer, but it remains very limited.

Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone
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2009 Allemand Cornas Chaillot

Josh Raynolds: "Bright purple. Bright aromas of red and dark berry preserves, floral oils, and minerals, with a strong note of Asian spices. Fresh, vibrant, and pure, offering sweet black raspberry and cherry flavors that stain the palate. At once rich and energetic, finishing with outstanding clarity and sappiness."