2009 Fevre Les Preuses: Intensity and Precision to Thrill and Sustain

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To Thrill and Sustain
2009 Fèvre Les Preuses
"Rich, intense, pure and admirably precise..."

In his tasting note for the 09 Preuses, Allen Meadows hits on exactly what Fèvre winemaker, Didier Seguier, managed to accomplish in this muscular vintage.


That said, we've been a bit more selective with our 2009 Fèvre buying than in past years (when we've basically bought from top to bottom). Still, there are a few bottles that we have gone DEEP on in 2009- the wines are simply that good (or better) and they spin the depth and richness of fruit of the vintage into something incredible.

Fèvre's obvious short-list in 2009 includes the value-driven Vaulorent and Les Clos, which is one of the trophies of the vintage. We've emailed both of these wines out to great success: Vaulorent is basically sold out and Clos is almost gone too.

However, the story in 2009 is deeper than just these two bottlings; for you serious Chablis fans, Les Preuses is one of the most intensely mineral wines in the entire stable and a force to be reckoned with in this vintage. We simply were not able to acquire enough of this wine to offer out to the entire list... so this goes out to a small group of Chablis fanatics only.

While Les Clos is commonly considered the "King Cru" of Chablis with its power and sheer stature, Preuses, deserves to hold equal reign as the Queen - amazingly intense, flowing and vivid in its purity.

If Clos is commanding, Preuses is seductive, its minerality is more emphasized, more linear, more detailed and complex. In other words, Preuses is for purists.

Given the ripeness of the 2009s, what Séguier achieved here is simply astounding. As the Burghound rightly points out, Preuses is both elegant and airy: "A wine of harmony and class," he calls it.

At $61.95 a bottle, it's an extraordinary Chablis.

Our quantity on this bottling is short, so we're only sending this email out to the die-hard Chablis fans... just a few cases to go around.

To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2009 Fèvre Les Preuses

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