2009 Lapierre Morgon Magnum & Double-Magnum: The Chef d'Oeuvre

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The Chef d'Oeuvre
2009 Marcel Lapierre Morgon: MAGS & D-MAGS
An Aptly Grand Tribute to a Beaujolais Torchbearer

It's impossible to overestimate Marcel Lapierre's impact on Beaujolais.

The torchbearing vigneron died last October, but not before helping the Beaujolais region perform an about-face, inspiring its revolution from a region of cheap, mass-market plonk to a region of terroir, a place where the great wines have depth, purity and distinct character.

While the loss of Marcel Lapierre has been felt deeply through the entire wine world, his legacy really does live on in his wines - that medium for history is part of what, to us, makes wine so fascinating.

To read more about the legacy, you can check out Marcel's obituary written by Eric Asimov in The New York Times. As Asimov writes, Lapierre was "a rigorous, relentlessly experimental winemaker," a veritable idol for winemakers around the world looking to the natural wine movement for inspiration and technique.

His dedication to the unique place of Beaujolais - the story it has to tell and the delicious, nuanced wines it is capable of - was more than admirable, and it’s demonstrated, beautifully and eloquently, in his 2009 Morgon… the FINAL vintage made all the way from flowering to bottling by Marcel.

It’s only fitting that this is perhaps the most influential vintage in Beaujolais in recent time; and this was perhaps Lapierre’s greatest wine ever. As David Schildknect wrote in The Wine Advocate, "If there has been a finer example of this wine, I can’t recall."

Today we are honored to be able to share the legacy with you in two aptly grand formats: magnums, at $59.95 each, and a few very rare double magnums at $139.95 each.

The vintage was nearly perfect (more on that here) - full of incredibly ripe but not overextracted fruit, concentration and depth matched with fantastic clarity and vibrancy. It’s the ideal stage for Lapierre’s grand Morgon.

This is undoubtedly one of the wines of the great vintage, and its stately structure, its sheer density aligned with Lapierre’s signature purity and elegance make it also one of the most ageworthy - a gorgeous final note for Lapierre that deserves a special place in the cellar.

Suffice it to say that when these parcels dry up, that will be that.

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