2009 Ponsot: Domaine & Selection

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Grand Crus from Laurent Ponsot
2009 Chambertin, Bonnes-Mares, Echézeaux
Bottled by Domaine and Selection
Rare 2009 Collectibles from a Burgundy Legend

"Made and bottled by Laurent Ponsot."

So states the label, very clearly. If it's little known to many Burgundy fanatics that some of the top producers in Burgundy have a tiny bit of negociant wine out there - and we're talking the likes of Coche-Dury and Raveneau - then you have to chalk it up to the labyrinthine relationships that really compose, create and define Burgundy.

This is a confusing place to fall in love with.

Today we present a rare parcel of wine that rarely makes it much beyond the charming l'Hôtel de Beaune in the heart of Burgundy. It seems like this little hotel and restaurant is a tiny Burgundian powerhouse.

The hotel and restaurant controls a microcosm of elite negociant Burgundy, the great majority of which is made for its wine list. So far as we can gather, the hotel is really just responsible for the label and the distribution and that's it... the winemakers are the ones who have the relationships with the vineyard owners, the ones who oversee the vineyard practices and the ones who make the wine.

This offer presents a trilogy of Grand Crus from Laurent Ponsot: Chambertin, Bonnes-Mares and Echézeaux. The label, a "Domaine et Selection" getup, states plainly: "Elevé et mis en bouteille par LAURENT PONSOT, Morey-St-Denis, France, pour Domaine et Selection." Translation: Made and bottled by Ponsot, in Morey, for Domaine et Selection.

These are not inexpensive wines, not by a long shot. At the same time, Laurent Ponsot is a legend of the Côte de Nuits and his wines are nothing short of blue-chip collectibles. Already, his 2009 Clos de la Roche (still pre-arrival) is trading well over $800. In this context, today's bottlings - from the same vintage, with comparable site pedigree and winemaker - have to be considered values... counter-intuitive though that may seem with price tags over $200.

As to the 2009 vintage, Laurent himself succinctly describes it to Allen Meadows: "To make bad wine in a vintage as good as this one you had to do it on purpose!"

And while that may be true, Ponsot's 2009s have been singled out by many as among the best of the best for the vintage. Ponsot has been on a roll since 1999 - his 2005s are triumphant wines, the 2008s rigorous and pure and there's no reason why the 09s, considering the raw quality of the fruit and Laurent's ever-escalating sensitivity and care in the winery, shouldn't be anything less than monumental.

This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on a few cellar giants (every single wine on offer today has decades of development ahead of it) at a price that, for the producer and the site, will be very, very tough to beat in this vintage that is likely to set some financial records.

Make some room in the cellar, and please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2009 Domaine et Selection (PONSOT) Grand Crus




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