2010 Huët Bourg Demi: "A magnificent wine in the making"

Posted by Joe Salamone

Loire Royalty
2010 Huët Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec
A Final Monument

"A magnificent wine in the making"
-John Gilman, View from the Cellar

To be honest, writing about Huët involves a certain amount of pain and confusion. Really, is there anything new to say?

After all, Huët is Loire royalty, and that's no secret.

One thing that bears repeating is that these are some of the best values in existence. Huët's wines truly blossom in the cellar over decades upon decades becoming only more complicated and thrillingly finessed with time.

2010 Huët is a vintage to go deep on. Ten years from now, I wouldn't be surprised if 2010 and 2002 are looked upon as Huët's top vintages of the decade.

Huët's 2010s seem to possess that magical combination of concentration, balance and classical proportions.

Huët's 2010 Clos du Bourg demi-sec offers all this in a dramatically impressive package. It's simply a thrilling wine. I remember my first bottle drunk around six months ago. On the first taste, I paused for a second and thought, I haven't tasted a young Huët this good in a while.

Huët's Bourg demi-sec 2010 shows a striking amount of energy as its polished chalky impression is infused with bright citrus and round stone fruits. The firm acidic backbone that gives the wine a touch of austerity today will help to make it a legend in years to come.

It's impossible not to mention that Huët closed an important chapter of its illustrious history this year with the early retirement of Noël Pinguet, Gaston Huët's son-in-law who has been the winemaker since 1976. One can only hope that the quality of Huet's wines remain at the same level as during Noël Pinguet's tenure. The Hwang family, owners of the domaine, have announced that Pinguet's successor will be Jean-Bernard Berthomé, Huët's vineyard manager who has been at the domaine for thirty-four years.

Huët's 2010 Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec will certainly serve as yet another monument to Pinguet's superb winemaking. It's a shame that the Demi-Sec version of Clos du Bourg is in shorter supply than is often the case. It's taken me some time to cobble together enough wine for this offer and chances are that it won't last.

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2010 Huët Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec