2010 Lapierre Morgon - A Second Look/Last Chance

Posted by Joe Salamone

A Second Look/Last Chance
2010 Lapierre Morgon
"A Dream Brew"

Coming after 2009, the 2010 Beaujolais vintage was overlooked. This is a shame. The wines are vigorous, beautifully concentrated and balanced.

Lapierre's 2010 Morgon drives this point home with force.

It's interesting that 2010 Burgundy and Northern Rhône have caught on fire, but 2010 Beaujolais has been unfairly neglected. Geographically, it lies exactly between the two of them and the vintage in Beaujolais can be praised for exactly the same qualities of balance and clarity.

We first heard of the 2010 when Stephen Tanzer's Josh Raynolds mentioned how excited he was about the vintage at a dinner.

He summed it up as follows: "In a nutshell/Cliff's Notes version: Like a cross of 2009 and 2005, with some 'classic' Beaujolais nervosité thrown in. Fruit, structure and energy... kind of a dream brew, in a sense."

Time has only proven this more correct. The wines have really blossomed in bottle. Recently, I've tasted many bottles of 2010 Crus Beaujolis that were in a truly gorgeous place.

It's great to be able to revisit the vintage with a wine like Lapierre. It's extemely rare to find a sizable parcel of Lapierre's Morgon a year after the vintage is released.

If I were to rate wines based on deliciousness, on the sheer joy of drinking them, Lapierre Morgon would be on the short list. And the 2010 vintage demonstrates this perfectly.

Lapierre's 2010 is vigorous, beautifully concentrated and balanced, structured with ultra-fine tannins and features a wonderful clarity and energy. It is led by Morgon's signature cherry fruit that is rendered with great precision and set against a backdrop of herbal and mineral notes.

For those of you who missed out on 2010 Lapierre or for those who just want to restock (it's hard not to drink this), this is likely the last chance. The parcel is a decent size, but our Lapierre offers invariably earn an enthusiastic response. A sell out is very likely.

Please give us your maximum order and we'll do our best. Keep in mind it's the weekend and you may not hear back from us until Monday. But we will log all orders as they are placed and allocate first come, first served!

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2010 Lapierre Morgon